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How To Repair Home

how to repair home
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least favourite jobs #4
least favourite jobs #4
On the way back from Honiton, one of the the nearside indicator bulbs on the Moggy failed. When I could stop, I checked and found that it was the front lamp. So I thought I'd just quickly change the bulb, and all would be well. Silly me. When I took the lens cover off, the bulb had indeed blown, but the problem was compounded by the bulb holder (Lucas L691 - it had to be Lucas, didn't it?) having corroded heavily, and locked the bulb immovably in place. I tried all the usual methods of getting it out: I soaked it for a couple of hours in WD40; I waggled it in the holder (well, tried to - it wasn’t going to budge); I put lots of sticky tape around the bulb to get a better grip on it, and tried again. All to no avail. Except, of course, the glass broke, as it usually does. So I got a pair of fine-nosed pliers and tried to wind the metal bit of the bulb base around the points, to break the rust seal. No good: it just tore into tiny pieces. I googled the problem, and found mention of using a potato or apple jammed in the base, but if I couldn’t shift it with pliers, fruit and veg wasn’t going to do the job. So here’s what I did. You can try it if you like, but I’m not guaranteeing success, and I’m not accepting liability if you hurt yourself or your car. I used a 10mm (3/8 inch) HSS drill bit in a slow battery-operated drill, and drilled out the resin potting in the base of the bulb. This took a while, about fifteen minutes, as the resin is surprisingly hard (that or my bit was blunt, but I don’t think so). Now, it should be obvious to anybody with half a brain, but for Health and Safety purposes, I'll say it anyway: BE CAREFUL and wear heavy gloves, because if the fitting is rusted right through, or you go at it too vigorously, or the drill is too fast and cuts through very quickly, you could end up drilling into your hand, which will hurt. Eventually, it cut right through the resin and severed the base of the bulb from the parallel section that was rusted in. At that point, I was able to unpeal the rusted bit using the long-nosed pliers, and get all the bits and pieces out of the socket. I gave everything a good blast with brake cleaner to get rid of the WD40 and general rust and grot, and then cleaned out the inside of the socket with fine emery, and gave it a smear of grease before reassembling with a new bulb. It all worked, so I reassembled it on the car (and it still worked!) and was mightily relieved to have saved myself about ?18 for replacement parts, plus post and packing, plus three or four days laid up and off the road. Occasionally, if you try a job like this, you'll find that the end of the bulb-holder has rusted right out. We had that with Mrs W's Zephyr many years back. I got round the problem by drilling a small hole in a penny (for the cable to go through), and soldering that in to form a new back. The repair lasted a good many years.
I was so upset...
I was so upset...
the paint I brought home looks NOTHING like the paint I thought I was buying. The dude at Lowes was a cocky prick... Matt, Eric and I talked about this briefly -- it's one thing to be a cocky prick if you're really good at what you do... It's not cool, but it's slightly more forgivable. But being a shitfaced cock is totally uncalled for when you're incapable of performing even the simplest tasks... (I tell you what color paint I want. You tell the computer what I said. The computer does everthing else. How freaking hard is that?) I really was upset. The bathroom was supposed to be DONE today... But both of the final tasks were a wash. I couldn't find the right hardware to repair the shower curtain rod, and that halfwitted dolt screwed up my paint for the accent wall. Ugh. Try again tomorrow.

how to repair home