Our largest Second Life(TM) client project:
                       Second Life(TM) Kennesaw State University 4 island campus
                                KSU campus was active in SL from 2008 through 2012
                                       Our largest OpenSim platform client project:
                  Rutgers University Opensim Virtual Campus Gardens & Orientation        
                                     12 islands of development representing 192 acres
                           with custom landscaping, Transitional Replica Architecture(TM) & 
                                            innovative, immersive learning spaces

                Our STTC MOSES GRID Welcome Center Project & Experimental Regions
                              Multiple region developments for MOSES community events &
                  research experiments optimizing platform capability & transfer of knowledge

We Collaborate with You . . .

 We respect the integrity of your design ideas.
     We prioritize your business and educational project goals.
          We provide training for you and management for 
               your virtual projects and events.

      Tell us your dreams . . . 
                   together we will create your world

Experience Immersion!

 We invite you to:
 ~Explore the virtual Rutgers University Opensim Campus Virtual Rutgers Gardens, Orientation Path and Experiential Art regions   
 ~Discover the quality detailing in every building
 ~Walk about the realistic terrain and immersive landscapes
 ~Experience worlds created with our collaborative                              ~Replica Transitional Design(TM) ...
 ~Visit the 7-8th grade 3D Colossus Parade project,             ~collaboratively taught by Gwenette Writer Sinclair and
        Rhodes, Greek Middle School teacher Aggeliki Nikolaou

                 Envision your real world &    
              the world of your imagination                                        . . . your virtual, 
                                experiential bbbbbbb         f     hhhhhh     immersive 3D destination 

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