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Sterling Silver Belly Chain

sterling silver belly chain
    belly chain
  • A belly chain or waist chain is a type of body jewelry worn around the waist. Some belly chains attach to a navel piercing; these are also called "pierced belly chains". They are often made of silver or gold. Sometimes a thread is used around waist instead of a chain.
  • greatest: highest in quality
  • British money
  • British money; especially the pound sterling as the basic monetary unit of the UK
  • Sterling was a popular rock band formed in Manchester, England.
  • Provide (mirror glass) with a backing of a silver-colored material in order to make it reflective
  • made from or largely consisting of silver; "silver bracelets"
  • coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"
  • Coat or plate with silver
  • (esp. of the moon) Give a silvery appearance to
  • a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography
sterling silver belly chain - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Belly Chains Length 40 Inches
Sterling Silver Belly Chains Length 40 Inches
Indians have been using handcrafted jewelry for centuries. The significance of Indian jewelry is evident in the fact that jewelry has played significant roles in different occasions, as gifts or declarations of status. Just like a car, a woman without accessories would be incomplete. From earrings, necklaces, nose rings, to anklets, armlets, and bracelets, jewelry gives women exactly what they need to look and feel beautiful. The Indian variety of bracelets, from cuffs to silver bracelets, is matchless. Sterling silver bracelets and even bangles were traditionally part of the jewelry collection of women. There are customs and traditions that surround these bangles in Indian culture. Bangles were usually made of wood, glass, gold, silver, or platinum. Glass and metal bangles are the most common in India. As mentioned, jewelry has significance in the lives of women in India. As gifts, jewelry commemorates important milestones in their lives such as birth, coming of age, marriage, and becoming a mother. In addition, jewelry has amorous and romantic connotations as well. Chain bracelets are more flexible than bangles given their ability to open or close, making them easier to wear. They can be made out of flat metal bands with varying widths and lengths, with an assortment of fastenings such as movable pins or screws. Link bracelets in particular can be constructed out of wire that has been braided, woven, or inter-meshed. Other designs are fashioned of intricate strands that are strung together, or cords that have been looped, forming a chain.

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final frontier-- collections IV-- long sterling silver and artisan glass necklace
final frontier-- collections IV-- long sterling silver and artisan glass necklace
My Collections Series was born of my love, not just of jewelry, but of the beads themselves. It's a beads, for beads sake, thing. Out of this love came the idea to create miniature collections for others. The Final Frontier collection is wired to a 38 inch (96.5 cm) length of handcrafted sterling silver cable chain with flattened round links of alternating diameters (18.7mm, 12.7mm and 9.6mm). The closure is an offset hand-dyed silk ribbon. Final Frontier is easily worn at 22.5 inches (57cm), 38 inches (96.5cm), or anywhere in between, and expandable depending on the way you tie the ribbon. It can even be worn as a belly chain-- it's that long! The space inspired collection of Final Frontier includes: A silver cored lampwork bead streaked in blue, teal, yellow, purple and red from Amy of AKDlampwork. Nebula, made with transparent purple at the core, silver rich Psyche and transparent glasses with a sheen of goldstone inside that looks like stardust, from Kevin Moran Aponte of Dancing Star Beads. A set of sparkling, swirling, sungold borosilicate beads by Lynn Nurge of LaffingGull. A matte, iridescent bit with licks of purple, blue and copper by Pauline McCabe of PaulinaBeads. Sky Diamonds, fine silver stars and ethereal cosmic streaks over a deep space black base by Amber Van Meter of Naos Glass. A brilliant royal blue/ black dichroic (two-colored) bit from my collection. The invention of dichroic glass is often erroneously attributed to NASA but the technique (involving layering silica and metal oxides) has been around since at least the 4th century AD. A tektite, a natural glass rock which is is formed by the impact of large meteorites on Earth's surface. A fabulous slider, ringed like Saturn, by Leah Deeb of Beads of Passion. A piece of flashy blue spectrolite, wire wrapped. A fascinating, planetary lentil of black, teal and silver by Pam Brisse of The Blue Between. Flight, a tab bead of double helix silver and dark transparent blue purple by Jason Powers of Jasio. Two more pieces of dichroic glass by Paula Radke in barely there lavenders and sea greens. Two gorgeous and wild borosilicate beads in plum, indigo, blue, gray, yellow-green and more by glass artists Valentin and Patricia Hernandez of Atlantis Glass & Bead. Blue Angel, a dream with Aurae-edged wings by Megan Ellis. This was made with glass from her private stash of glass that is hand-carried by a friend from the factory in Italy. Fairy Dust-- silvers, purples and reactive blue wisps by Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addictions. A deep purple enameled filigree bead by Anne of Gardanne Beads. Icy chunky of rough quartz crystal. A bead of brightest fuchsia with the opalescent specks floating across the surface from Darcy York of Silver Gypsy. The crowning touch is a tiny handmade silver rocket ship by ilikeyouasafriend. The base hides a faceted red (natural and genuine) ruby. This is, of course, a one of a kind collection, created as an entry into the NASA & Etsy Space Craft Contest: To the Moon and Beyond.
Caiques up close
Caiques up close
Two White Bellied Caiques and Three Black Headed Caique charms were hand sculpted without molds or paint, from polymer clay with a glossy finish. This chunky bracelet is loaded with glass beads, which are attached to a sterling silver chain, in shades of amber, orange, yellow, black and grey. This was a custom order and is not for sale, please see my Flickr profile if you would like further information about my clay art and parrot jewelry.

sterling silver belly chain
sterling silver belly chain
Body Jewelry Sterling Silver Belly Chain Length 32 inches
A belly chain is the perfect emblem of the dynamism of India fashion. The popularity of these belly chains or waist ornaments is evidenced by the numerous historical relics such as temple sculptures, ancient paintings, and frescoes from the period of the Indus valley civilization to nineteenth century designs. For increased comfort and flexibility, most silver belly chains are made by threading or chaining several links together.
The bellychain or waist chain can be a piece of sterling silver jewelry worn around the waist in order to create the ideal waistline. A small waist is considered to be attractive in Indian women. There are belly chain designs which are constructed to hang loosely around the hips, similar to how women would wear them for enhanced sensual beauty, during the ancient times. To this day, these special pieces of Indian jewelry are still believed to be the best way to accentuate a small waistline. Very fine work is required in order to achieve elasticity in these belly chains. This is why Indians have been known to be one of the most skillful jewelers in the world. In some Indian communities, the wearing of belly chains is customary during weddings.
In general, belly chains can be thin, chunky, slinky, bold, large-beaded, or soft and lacy around the belly. Belly chains come in typical designs such as long simple chains adorned with charms and jewels which dangle from them. Tribal and cabaret dancers utilize belly chain jewelry while performing their exotic numbers.