The Quibbler Poll

How do you think we should respond to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

a)    Do nothing
b)   Try to further negotiate with Japan
c)    Go to war with Japan
Should we increase our security? If so what should we do?

a)    Nothing our security is fine
b)   Restrict Japanese Americans and or Japanese Immigrants rights
c)    Don’t allow anymore Japanese into the U.S. temporarily
d)   Increase Pacific Border Security, i.e. More navy ships and military in the pacific
Quibbler's opinion:
Almost all reactions and responses to violence involve violence itself. This response comes from aggression and hostility towards the producer of violence and injustice. When one small portion of people in a large crowd screams preposterous proposals and supposed solutions to crimes and hostilities committed on one’s soil, everyone begins to join in on the screaming and chanting. This effect goes by what some call the “Do-do” effect; where when one does something, everyone else around does the same exact thing. For instance, people who have attended Hitler’s speeches in Germany couldn’t help but start screaming and yelling because there was so much tension amongst the masses. Especially in the United States, we envision ourselves as the best and the “untouchable.” Whoever dare lay a hand on our military might, our people, or our economy may die by our boots. This message is embedded in all of us, and we are proud of it, every bit of it. People take as much pride as they can in whatever they do, modesty and nationalism do not mix well when it comes to ones pride for his or her country. When blood fills the soil and water of the U.S. there is nothing to do but scream war and immediately attack the country or group of people that has hurt and threatened the wellbeing, health, and safety of this homeland. The key to a successful initiation of war against another country is to have a powerful and meaningful reason, in this case it is the spilt blood of our navy in Pearl Harbor. For this simple attack, the poll voted one hundred percent on a simple attack on Japan, a defensive maneuver in the eyes of the people who voted in our poll. The absolute military-might of the U.S. will be fully demonstrated when placed up against the Japanese in war. The pride and imperial position in the world is at stake, war is one hundred percent certain, good luck to those who oppose the stampeding empire we call the United States of America.