A Michigan sailor named Gerald G. Lehman died today in a Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor. Today, more then 130 friends and relatives of Lehman, are attending the funeral. Lehman will be buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Houghton. He was aboard the USS Oklahoma at age 18 when Japanese torpedo’s hit the battleship and capsized it in the harbor. Following the attack, 36 dead were identified and the remaining 393 were buried as unknowns in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu. Over 2,403 other people were killed along with 188 planes destroyed.
    Here is a quote from a soldier on the NEVADA at the time that Gerald G. Lehman was killed. "At approximately eight o'clock in the morning of December 7, 1941, I was leaving the breakfast table when the ship's siren for air defense sounded. Having no anti-aircraft battle station, I paid little attention to it. Suddenly I heard an explosion. I ran to the port door leading to the quarterdeck and saw a bomb strike a barge of some sort alongside the NEVADA, or in that vicinity. The marine color guard came in at this point saying we were being attacked. I could distinctly hear machine gun fire. I believe at this point our anti-aircraft battery opened up.”
    The terror of Pearl Harbor is still washing over the people and our support goe out to the families of those brave soldiers and sailors who died. To those who survived, we honor you for putting your lives at risk for others. Those brave sailors, will be remember in future years as heroes.


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