The Spanish American War


The Spanish American War

The Spanish American War can be looked at from multiple points of view and it can be debated that either one is right or wrong.  In truth, it just comes down to which side you were viewing it from.  Even with conflictive perspective, there is one question that is always asked when talking about the Spanish American War.  Was the war justified?  This was a major debate before and after we declared war back in April 25, 1898.  For the most part, it was essentially on the fence whether we should enter the war in the first place.  In the end though, the US did enter the war and won it quickly.  There is a justifiable opinion for the US entering the war and a case that supports this.

The root of all the commotion began when the Battleship Maine was sent out to sea in January of 1898.  About a month later, the Battleship Maine randomly exploded and was sunk, killing 266 sailors aboard the ship.  The ship was sunk right outside of Cuba which created a huge uproar almost immediately back in the US.  It was determined, that the explosion was caused by a mine stuck to the side of the ship. This simply added more anger to the already fired up Americans.  Americans citizens were demanding that the US declare war on the Spanish.  At this point, the only move that President McKinley could make without losing the popularity of his country was to go to war.  If McKinley hadn’t declared war on the Spanish, then he would have had an up rise as the country gathered in anger.     

Not only was he receiving pressure from the citizens of the United States, but he also had to think about the way Spain would respond.  Once they determined that a mine had been placed on the Maine, it was a very different situation.  If the US had decided not to do anything, then we would have been considered weak.  For an up and coming country, this perception would not have played to our advantage.  We needed to respond forcefully and prove that we were a powerful country that could not be messed with.  If we had not responded this way, a different series of events may have shifted the outcome and our country could have turned out very differently from what it is today.  For instance, the challenge at hand now is Pearl Harbor.  We must have confidence that I our country will win this war.  You don’t come in and mess with the United States of America.  If you do, it’s not going to end well for you.

Looking back on that fact, the US made the right decision in entering the war against the Spanish.  In doing so, we were able to prove our strength, and give the Cubans back the independence that they rightfully deserve.  First though, we made sure that we could justify going to war in the first place.  Once we found at that the Maine had been blown up by a mine in the water; we had no choice but to officially declare war against the Spanish.  Not only did we win the war, but the US citizens could not have been more pleased rallied and were satisfied with the outcome.  If we had not gone to war in the first place, we stood the chance of looking weak against other countries.  If this happened, we stood higher chances of being attacked, and having to deal with many more wars in our countries future.  The US entering the Spanish American War was completely justified, and was completely the right choice for the US to make.


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