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Rough Riders

Rough Riders


The Rough Riders was a brave, volunteer cavalry army, who were led by Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War in Cuba.  The Rough Riders, along with Roosevelt, won fame from their victory in the battle at San Juan Hill in Cuba.  The Rough Riders were trained as cavalry but ended up fighting on foot because of the delay me horses going to Cuba.  There were only 1,250 volunteers that went to the war.  Roosevelt, who was an Assistant Secretary of the Navy at the time, gave up his job to lead the group of volunteers in the war.

    In June 1898, American forces landed in Santiago, Cuba and began preparing for the war.  The small American army in Cuba had 17,000 men, which included four African-American regiments.  Along came the Rough Riders who were under the command of Roosevelt and Leonard Wood.  On July 1st the most famous land battle occurred in Cuba near Santiago which was where the American forces had landed.  The first part of the battle won most success and fame because of the Rough Riders and 2 African-American regiments charged the Hispanics and successfully won.  The second victory wasn’t mainly because of Roosevelt and the Rough Riders because they didn’t play a very big role but the newspapers called Roosevelt the hero of San Juan Hill.
    When they returned to the United States after their successful war, Roosevelt returned being known as the hero.  He soon was elected governor of New York and then moved up to be vice-president of the U.S.  The Rough Riders were also looked as heroes but not as much as Roosevelt because he was the one that led them.  The Rough Riders then became known as “Roosevelt’s Rough Riders” because of the good job Roosevelt did in leading them.
    The Rough Riders were looked as heroes but they only played a major role in the first part of the battle.  They do deserve their fame but they didn’t play a big role in the second victory so maybe they shouldn’t have gotten as much fame, but then again they went out and risked their lives and fought.  At the Roosevelt was the one that got the most fame.  Roosevelt on the other hand maybe should’ve not deserved as much fame because it seems like he got more attention than the Rough Riders did when the Rough Riders were the ones fighting most of the time.  Also the other soldiers apart from the Rough Riders did not gain any fame from their victory on the second victory.  Roosevelt and the Rough Riders only played a big role on the first victory but they gained lots of fame and were named the heroes of San Juan Hill.
    The Rough Riders were volunteers who ended up being heroes for their country.  They fought the most famous land battle in Cuba and risked their lives by fighting.  At the end, Roosevelt and the Rough Riders do deserve to have the fame they had because they went to war and risked their lives.

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