World War 1 as a factor in the United States’ Emergence as a world power

World War 1 as a factor in the United States’ Emergence as a world power.

“America as a World Power a tradition of non-intervention in world affairs changed when the United States entered World War I in 1917 on the side of Britain and France, and against Germany and Austria.” World War One helped it become a world power by the end of the war. With Military power, Economic growth, and the International respect.   
                       The size of the American army was growing every year with younger man that want to fight in the wars, and tell the stories. There were over four million American solder’s and a there were less then 120,000 deaths in WW1. This also helped our economy grow with tons of businesses now making guns and supplies for our army. The number one thing that was being made at the time was supply for the war. (Encyclopedia) with the growth of technology from new weapons, airships and airplanes, antiaircraft gun, poison gas, and tanks we could be on top of our enemy. Before the war the United States was selling to both side. Once the war started we stop selling to them.

           Selling to both sides was go for our economy and because once the war started the enemy didn’t have many factories to make their supplies so they had to act fast to start to make weapons and to improve there technology that was a good start to the war for the Untied States. With the amount of things we were making there were tons of factories the unemployment rate was down that year 3.3 percent during 1923-29 and went back up after the war was over. With everyone that wanted a job and got one that was good for taxes in the years of the wars the tax income was kind of because of the jobs and war. “These changes increased revenue from $761 million in 1916 to $3.6 billion in 1918, which represented about 25 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Even in 1918, however, only 5 percent of the population paid income taxes and yet the income tax funded one-third of the cost of the war.”(U.S. Department of Treasury.) The average annual income was going up for 1914 $627 – 1920 $1,407.(Historical Statistic of the U.S)

           With the war going on for years lot of counties had lost leader, land, and people. Over time the United States would come in to theses counties and put a new leader in charge and fund them money to rebuild what we had destroy. In part of all that we got to say we controlled part or that entire county. Thing like political, cultural, and social order was drastically changed. New countries were formed old ones were abolished.

           Americans involvement in World War One pushed it to world status. Being on the winning side gave it some controlled over the counties that lost and that were broken up. The war opened up industry that started an economic boom and United States military might that crated respect for international affairs. This states the beginning of the Untied States as a world power.