Song and Artist of the Week
Embraceable you - composed by George Gershwin and lyrics by Israel Gershwin

This is a slower jazz song, but it has that pop-ier tone to it that just makes you want to ask up for a dance, or maybe two. The beautiful lyrics about the love between two persons that just inspire you to  do something special to or with your dearest.

We got a interview with the lyrics maker Israel Gershwin and this is what we found out:

T.Q= The Quibbler
I.G=Israel Gershwin

T.Q: So, Israel, let´s start with some basic information: when were you born?
I.G: I was born in December 6, 1896 in New York City

T.Q: Did you thought your music ever would make it to broadway?
I.G: When you work with my brother, George Gershwin, there is no doubt. He is an amazing composer

T.Q:How does it feel to have won so many incredible prizes?
I.G: It feels amazing and it lifts my confidence a lot, but I could not do it without the support of my friends.
Movie Releases
In honor of our "Tracing America Through the Ages" issue, we have decided to select three of the best movies produced this year and last year. 
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
Based on the John Steinbeck novel, Tom Joad (Henry Fonda) is a man just released from prison, but when he returns home to his family farm, he finds it deserted. It seems the depression and the drought has forced the farmers to find greener pastures. He eventually locates his family staying at his uncle’s place and planning to move to California in search of a new and better life.

Dumbo (1941)
In this animated feature the stork brings a baby elephant with large ears who becomes a clown but learns he can fly. This cartoon fantasy shows how an individual who suffers from social prejudice can turn his peculiarity to an advantage. Ironically the victims of Jim Crow discrimination are the ones who recognize his gift. They may be black; but they can fly, and so can he. This Movie is still being watch till this day by kids all over the world.

The Thief of Bagdad (1940)


           A king with the help of a thief escapes from his evil vizier, falls in love, is blinded, loses his love, regains his sight, is caught, and is saved by the thief. Based on the Arabian Nights Tales, this fantasy fulfills the universal desire for love and freedom rather than fear, violence, and tyranny. The warning is that if a ruler does not pay attention to his job, a corrupt man may take over and manipulate people for his selfish interests.
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