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January 2017

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CHURCH: 1-815-476-9025

Website: http://1st-presbyterian-church.net

Pastor: Winn Alley


Monday 8-2        Tuesday 9 am to Noon



The Session met on Sunday, January 8th at 12:10pm. Moderator opened the meeting with prayer then the following business was conducted:

♥    Minutes from the December 10th meeting was reviewed, received, and placed on file.

♥    Statistical report changed at 42

♥    Reviewed Treasurer’s Report and placed on file. Heard paid the balance on per Capita which $1,249.27. State Farm Ins for Workmen’s Comp policy of $726.24 was paid.

♥    Heard deadline for reports for Annual Congregational meeting is February 5th

♥    Heard Annual Congregational Meeting

      February 12, 2017, after worship.

♥    heard we will install our new deacons and elders on February 19 during worship

♥    Heard a motion not to have a Session meeting in February a second, motion carried.

♥    Heard a motion for a Souper Bowl Sunday would be Feb. 5th All funds will go to Kuzma Cottage. There will be 4-5 different soups.

♥    Heard we could use a small heater for the new bathroom.

♥    Heard Pastor performed a Baptism and received one in membership.

♥    Heard Deacons would have meeting on January 15 after worship.

♥    Heard a motion not to order pledge envelopes until late October a second motion carried.

♥    Heard Ash Wednesday is on March 1st. A motion was made to have worship services for Ash Wednesday at 6pm, a second and motion carried.

♥    Heard there will be a Maundy Thursday worship services on April 13, at 6pm.

♥    Heard a motion to have a Easter morning breakfast at 9;30am before service. The session will be making pancakes, sausage and bacon a second and motion passed.


A huge Thank You goes out to all who have donated to help out with our stained glass windows. We are still accepting donations; we are not even close to what it will cost.

Food Drive

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             Kuzma  Care
For the month of April will be Shampoo and bar soap

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