Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request use of facilities…?

To schedule events that don't require attendance by the pastor, e.g. -- baby showers, etc., contact the office secretary  and discuss calendar vacancies.  You may download the facilities use request form from this web site for submission to the church office.  For those events requiring pastoral service, e.g. -- weddings, funerals, etc., please contact the pastor directly.  Contact information is posted on the main page.

Where can I find the church…?

See directions on the map

When are Sunday school and worship services…?

Sunday Worship --  10:30 AM

Sunday Fellowship – 11:30 AM (following worship)


When is the church office open …?

The church office is open from 9 AM until 12 PM Monday and Wednesday each week.  Tuesday it is open from 10:00AM till 1:00PM