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Cascade Fish Tank Filters

cascade fish tank filters
    fish tank
  • Fish Tank is a 2009 British drama film directed by Andrea Arnold. The film won the Jury Prize at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. It also won the 2010 BAFTA for Best British Film.
  • aquarium: a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals
  • An aquarium (plural aquariums or aquaria) is a vivarium consisting of at least one transparent side in which water-dwelling plants or animals are kept. Fishkeepers use aquaria to keep fish, invertebrates, amphibians, marine mammals, turtles, and aquatic plants.
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cascade fish tank filters - Cascade® 200
Cascade® 200 Filter Pump - 185 gph for up to 50 Gallon Aquariums
Cascade® 200 Filter Pump - 185 gph for up to 50 Gallon Aquariums
Cascade® Hang-On Power Filters feature a revolutionary Bio-Falls Quad Filtration System. 1) The Polyfiber Floss Cartridge trap floating particulate matter, 2) The Activated Carbon Cartridge removes harmful chemicals, toxins, odors, discoloration and other contaminants, 3) The Internal Sponge optimizes the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria while removing ammonia and nitrites, and 4) The External Bio-Falls wet/dry biological booster provides additional ammonia and nitrite removal and enhances oxygen exchange for maximum water oxygenation. Recommended for fresh water applications, this filter attaches easily to your tank. A leveling device keeps your filter in position and the self-priming intake tube has a built-in extendable stem to allow placement of the intake strainer close to the bottom of most aquariums. Filter includes an adjustable flow control knob to reduce filtration during feeding times or as needed, and the quiet and efficient motor is maintanance free. Comes with bio floss and activated carbon cartridges and is ready to use.

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Primeros habitantes / Día 90
Primeros habitantes / Día 90
Llego el tan esperado dia, revise niveles y todo excelente, fui al acuario y compre: - 15 Kg, de roca viva, para sustituir la que me traje de manzanillo y no era porosa. - 2 damicelas de color amarillo con azul - 1 gobio. Todo lo instale hoy por la manana. Al parecer disfrutan su estancia, lo cual me da mucho gusto!
Mueren los Mollys / Día 60
Mueren los Mollys / Día 60
Comienza a morir los Mollys, se les incho el abdomen y las aletas se les blanquearon, finalmente explotaron y se salieron sus viceras. No entiendo que paso, los niveles de maduracion para el agua eran optimos, posiblemente me los vendieron enfermos...

cascade fish tank filters
cascade fish tank filters
Cascade® 170 - 45 gph - Internal Filter for Small Terrariums, UL Approved
Cascade® Internal Filters are designed to provide better filtration and aeration above and below the surface. Fully submersible, these versatile filters provide physical, chemical and biological filtration. Each filter has an adjustable & directional water flow output and a tube diffuser that will distribute water evenly to aid aeration. The round directional flow spout has a connector where you can connect to your flexible tubing to drive water fountains or other accessories. Mounts quicky using the included suction cups and can be placed horizonally making it easy to place and hide in your tank. Great for aquariums and terrariums, these filters give you crystal clear water in your fresh or salt water environments. Included filter media. Unit runs on 110V and is UL Approved.

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