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We currently run programs for beaver, cub, and scout aged youth. To learn more about an individual program, click on the section links to the left. All of our meetings are held at headquarters in Remembrance Road, Newbury on a Monday
evening 6pm – 7.15pm.

Beaver Scouts - Ages 6 to 8       - Tuesdays 6:00PM to 7:15PM
Cub Scouts     - Ages 8 to 101/2     - Wednesday 6:00PM to 7:30PM
Scouts           - Ages 101/2 to 14    - Thursdays 7:30PM to 9:00PM

We are accepting registrations for youths in our Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts sections.

To register, please go to the Resource Center for forms you can download or fill out and print.

Have a question? not sure who to direct it to - click here

SUBSCRIPTION FEES                                                                             

Subscriptions are £13 per month and are due at the start of each month. Payment is by standing order direct from your bank (form attached).
The Subscriptions help to cover the cost of delivering the Balanced Programme, badges and materials for activities carried out during a sectional evening. It also subsidises camps or certain trips however some activities or camps may incur extra costs – we try to keep this to a minimum and believe we get value for money
During January we have to fulfil the Scout Associations census and pay membership fees for each and every member of the Group. Failure to pay the monthly subscription means the Group cannot pay the Scout membership; this will result in your child not being allowed to take part in scouting activities as Scout Insurance will not cover them, so please remember to set up your direct debit unless we have agreed special circumstances with you.
If at any point paying for either subscriptions or for activities becomes difficult please speak to your section leader or the Group Scout Leader. We can’t help unless we are aware of any problems.
We can claim the income tax paid on all the monies that are paid to us. This means that the Group can claim money back from the Inland Revenue. To enable us to do this there is a “Gift Aid Declaration” form attached.

1st Newbury Scout Group

Registered Charity – Charity Number 282227
Head Quarters:- 1st Newbury Scout Hut, Remembrance
Road, Newbury
Group Scout Leader:- Sean Beckett