Mrs. Nappi


  February 18-22, 2019

In Language Arts,we will finish Unit 1 of "More Adventures of the Superkids".  We learned the rule for "y" as a vowel.  If "y" is the only vowel in the word - it will make the sound of long "i" (fly  shy  try). If "y" is in a word with another vowel it will make the sound of long "e" (jelly, happy, sunny).  If "y" is next to "a" it is silent (say, play, tray).  Children should study the following words for a Spelling test that they will have THURSDAY.

  down  too  work  many  first  try  jelly  funny  say  play

In Math we will take the test for Chapter 8 - 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction on Wednesday.
In Science, we will study SPACE!!
In Social Studies we will study Famous American Presidents.

Events of the week:
Monday -  No School
Tuesday -Library/Art/Mass @ 8:30 
Wednesday - PE/Math Test
Thursday - Spanish/SPELLING TEST
Friday - Computers
BONUS: Make your words Rainbow!
Math -

Spelling - Put all the words in ABC order.
down  too  many  work  first  play  try  jelly  funny  say
Bonus -Make your words Rainbow!
Math -Worksheet/Study for the test.

Spelling: Study for the test.  Take a pretest in your homework book.
BONUS: Make the Memory Words Rainbow!
Math:None - Test Day

Spelling:None - Test Day
BONUS:Make the words Rainbow.

Read every night for 10 minutes.
Library Books - Please turn in library books on Tuesday.
Check and sign all homework.

Happy Birthday to...

Nic - February 4
Karson - February 8

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