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Wednesday, May 20,2020


Unit 8 - Lesson 287-288

“That Was Yesterday”

Part 1 - Review words on page 137.  Discuss their meaning.

Part 2 - Reread “That Was Yesterday”.  Find out who got mad at each other and how they became friends again.

Part 3 - Cause and Effect - Complete. OR do Superkid Workbook 

Page 21.

  1. Alf got mad at Frits because _______________________________


  1. The tag game ended because ______________________________


  1. The kids didn’t want Frits and Alf to come fishing because _______



  1. Alf and Frits started speaking to each other again because _______



Part 4 - Short Answer

How does it feel when you and a friend get into a fight?  How do you feel once you and your friend make up and become friends again?  Write at least 3 sentences.






Part 5 - Beginning, Middle, End

Write what happened in the 

Beginning - __________________________________________________


Middle - _____________________________________________________


End - _______________________________________________________


Monday, May 18,2020


Unit 8 - Lesson 286

Synonyms, Categorizing, Memory Words

Part 1 - Choose the synonym for the underlined word.

  1. Hot Rod has been grouchy.      grumpy crunchy candy

  1. The kids heard someone play            game song trick

a tune.    

  1. Hot Rod wants to quit his                   quick stop spot

clarinet  lessons.    

  1. The hall was getting warm.

Alf began to squirm.                          wiggle squeal yell

  1. Icky asks if it’s hard to play easy difficult loud

a clarinet.

Part 2 -  Worksheet #73

Part 3 - Use the Memory Words to complete each sentence.

  Walk warm done give once

1. It was a _______________ day.

2. He will ___________________ her a present.

3. ______________ inside.  Do not run.

4. It snowed ______________________ last winter.

5. Are we _____________________ yet?

Part 4- Categorize

Read each word and put it in the correct category or group.

Drums apples roses stars tulips owls

Bananas daisies grapes moon trumpet clarinet

Musical Instruments ____________   _____________   _____________

Flowers  _______________   _______________    ________________

Fruit __________________   ________________     ________________

Things you see at night ___________  _____________  _____________

Part 5 - Unscramble the sentences.

  1. are  clouds.  There  no


  1. can   the  lake.  We  walk  around  


  1.   made   We   snowman  with   a  hat.  yellow



The Moon

Click on the link below to learn about the moon.  After you watch, please complete the worksheet below.

  1.  The Earth has _____________ moon.

  1. The moon is the _____________________ object in the night sky.

  1. The moon is smaller than the Earth.  It would take __________ moons to fill up a hollow Earth.

  1. On the moon you weigh _______________ than you do on the Earth.

  1. The moon does not have ______________ of its own.

  1. The ____________ provides light to the moon.  The sun’s light is reflected onto the moon.

  1. The sun lights different parts of the moon.  The different shapes of the moon are called ___________________.

  1. It takes _________ days for the moon to go through its phases.

  1. On July 21, 1969, astronaut _______________________ was the first person to step on the moon.

  1. The astronaut’s _____________________ are still on the moon because there is no water or wind to wash them away.

Word Bank

footprints     one          less          50        sun     

 brightest    light        Neil Armstrong      29     phases

This activity is due Monday, May 11, 2020

Guidelines for First Grade

Google Meet

Please read the following to help make our Google Meet productive and positive.

  1.  Before entering the Google Meet, gather all materials you may need:  work that has been completed, reader, current work to be done, paper, pencil.

  1.  Find a spot in your home where there will be no distractions such as TVs, radios, siblings, pets, etc. Think of this as your desk in school. When you participate in a video meeting, you are providing a “window” into your home.  Please think about what is behind you and what may come into view during the meeting.

  1.  Dress appropriately.  You do not need to wear your uniform but dress as if it were an out of uniform day (no pajamas please).

  1.   Please be on time.  Just like in school we will start at the designated time.  I will be on 10 minutes prior to the meeting time to admit you in.

  1.  Remember, if it wouldn’t be ok in the classroom, it isn’t ok in the meeting.  Please no food or drink during our meeting.

  1.  When you come into the meeting, please mute your microphone.  I will acknowledge your entrance and you may respond to me then.

  1.  During the meeting, keep your microphone muted.   Unmute to talk, then mute again. Select the mic button on the bottom of your screen.  Pause for a moment to allow audio delay. Talk normally. Please, no side conversations.

  1.  To stay engaged -  nod or do a thumbs up when others are talking: try not to do anything else when you are participating in a meeting;  raise your hand to share ideas and I will ask you to unmute.

Finally, always behave as if your camera and mic are on.  Be respectful and patient.

We will get through this together!!


Monday - Superkid Lesson 
 Tuesday - Math Lesson
Wednesday - Superkid Lesson
Thursday - Math Lesson
Friday - Superkid Lesson
BONUS: Make your words rainbow.
Spelling - 
Bonus - Make your words rainbow.
Math -

 BONUS: Make your words Rainbow.

BONUS:Make the words rainbow.

Read every night for 10 minutes.
Library Books - Please turn in library books on Thursday.
Check and sign all homework.

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