Scouts take on the Pioneering Challenge - an average Monday night!

posted 22 Jan 2015, 07:34 by Amanda Wilson

Ok so you've got Six "pioneering" poles and Eight "lashings" and Twenty minutes to get One of your Scouts One foot off the ground for a minimum of Ten seconds - free standing with no help from his or her fellow Scouts - what are you going to do? 

This?   Ooops :(

Or this?  Yeah :)

Just one of many exciting activities planned for the next 6 months - why not join us?

New Beaver Colony

posted 23 Sep 2014, 04:12 by Amanda Wilson

1st Gainford Scout Group is to extend their group to include a New Beaver Colony that will be open to all young people aged 6-8 years old. Beaver Scouts are our youngest members. They meet once a week to take part in a wide range of activities including games, crafts, singing, visits and good turns, along with plenty of outdoor activities. We have a committed team of leaders within the 1st Gainford Scout Group. However we are encouraging parents to get involved through volunteering. If parents find it difficult to help out due to other commitments, they can volunteer on a flexible basis.


We will be running a ‘Taster Evening’ on Wednesday 8th October.  The Beaver Meeting will be held in Gainford Village Hall from 6:15 to 7:30. Please come along to the evening and join in the fun?

For further information you can contact our Assistant Group Scout Leader, Alastair Logan on 07854 852997 or by email

Our first camp of the year - want to join us?

posted 16 May 2014, 08:36 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 17 May 2014, 12:47 ]

We're heading "up the dale" for an adventure packed weekend.

When? - Friday 6th to Sunday 9th June 2014

Where? - Near Middleton in Teesdale

Why? - "cause it's going to be great fun! 

What's happening? - Camp Craft Skills, Hiking, Camp Cooking, Fire Lighting, Map & Compass Work and best of all Sailing all day on Grassholme Reservoir...what's not to like....

Not yet a Scout? - no worries, get in touch and come and try out Scouting with us in Gainford Scout Hut on Mondays 6.30 - 8.00pm.

See you soon!

Pioneering Perfection? Maybe not but a pillowcase full of fun!

posted 6 Nov 2013, 07:04 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 6 Nov 2013, 07:11 ]

Part of our extensive and very varied programme of events taking us to the end of January 2014 includes working towards those all important badges...this included a few weeks ago the first part of the Pioneering Badge.

Over two weeks the Scouts knotted and tied poles and posts together to create, well a kind of pillow fight platform which became the scene of battle for the status of supreme "pillow fighter". 

Competition was hot, it was nasty at times and most notable of all was the tenacity of the young ladies (maybe we should use that term loosely having seen them in action)....pictured below, Alicia one of our most recent recruits giving as good as she gets!

Summer Camp 2013 Great Tower Activity Centre, The Lake District.

posted 31 Aug 2013, 09:29 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 31 Aug 2013, 12:16 ]


Getting to grips with the most fundamental of Scout skills, fire lighting.

Matthew and Leah showing us how it should be done.

Ghyll Scrambling

Feeling a little apprehensive?

Half a day battling up the river, waterfalls, pools and best of all "bombing" into pools so deep you couldn't see the bottom. 

Who knows what lurks in those depths?

Getting wet!


Canoeing on Windermere

1st Gainford Scouts spent 3 hours learning in the best way possible how to canoe - by having fun and getting very wet. 

Tree Climbing

And why not? 

It wasn't just one Scout that overcame their fear of heights that's not easy looking down.

Ben taking a rest at the top (left).

And finally "The Gladiator Challenge"

None of the photos do this activity justice, this was a long, long way down, if in fact you made it up in the first place. 

Brother & sister took on "the challenge" and neck and neck they raced to the top, finally standing up straight on the last pole. But if that wasn't hard enough, guess what, they then had to perform "Hey Macarnea" to the audience below ... easy? 

You try doing it 50 ft up in the air balancing on a log....go on we dare you!

Well done Cameron that wasn't the easiest thing you've ever had to do.

Girl power (below) Sarah & Daisy relieved to get to the top!

Are we going to do it all again next summer?

You bet!   

But this time we're hoping to go caving and sailing instead of canoeing & ghyll scrambling - unless of course you have a better idea?

Join the Adventure - you up for the challenge?

Community Challenge Badge week 1 - Gainford Spa (late) Spring Clean.

posted 20 Jun 2013, 07:10 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 20 Jun 2013, 07:16 ]

Armed with brushes fo all sorts of shapes & sizes, buckets and mops we hit the streets and made our way to the famous Gainford Spa, last cleaned, as far as we are aware, by our Scouts some 2 years previously.

To be fair it wasn't in too bad a condition but could gain nothing but benefit from our Scouts tender mercies - they certainly left the path and area surrounding it in a much better condition than when we arrived.

Well done to all - wonder what Matt has in store for week 2?

Take a look at the before and after photo's below:-





Famous for a day and now looking forward to the annual Teesdale District Camp 2013

posted 4 Jun 2013, 06:21 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 4 Jun 2013, 06:37 ]

Take a look at Harry just one of our three very welcome brand new Scouts...invested on a rope swing at camp, can't be bad!

Our latest camping adventure proved a real success and worthy of this little report in our local paper.

District camp is now starting to fill up nicely and once again we'll be joining forces with our friends and Scouts from Staindrop - oh and we've ordered good weather as well - honest. 

Want to go Camping?

posted 19 Apr 2013, 07:13 by Amanda Wilson

We're joining forces with Staindrop Scouts and doing a joint Scout Camp locally down by the river Tees on Friday 10th to Sunday 12th May 2013 - 2 nights and lots of daytime fun.

Cost, not a lot, roughly £15 - £20 to include the campsite and all food...actual cost yet to be calculated, you never know it maybe less!

If you want to come along and experience sleeping under the stars, cooking on an open fire, making your own campfire tools and lots more - book a place now, let Matt, Mike or Mandy know as soon as possible.

We're looking forward to watching you all put up your tents!

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