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Do you own commercial real estate and have applied at the bank for a commercial mortgage only to be turned down? Well, you have come to the right place. 1st Equity Capital Funding has access to hundreds upon hundreds of different lending sources in which to place your loan. We fund our loans through Life Insurance Companies, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, Private Equity Lenders, Hard Equity Lenders, and the list goes on. It may be necessary to contact up to 50, 60 or even 100 different lenders before we find one that will say "YES!" No matter what type of commercial property you own or are looking to purchase, our best interest is to structure a credit facility with your best interest in mind!
1st Equity Capital Funding also has access to numerous different SBA Lenders. Some specializing in the SBA 7a Loan and many are Preferred Lending Providers. Others are Certified Development Companies that specialize in the SBA 504 Loan. Some lenders will fund both, the SBA 7a and the SBA 504 Loan. In the SBA Standard Operating Procedures Underwriting Manual it really doesn't specify a credit score. This is typically left up to the lenders discretion. Most banks in this current market will only fund a loan with a borrower that reflects a much higher credit score on their credit report. The advantage that 1st Equity Capital Funding has is that we can contact these different lenders that have lower credit score requirements. They will underwrite the file based on the cash injection and/or the cash flow of the subject property. Granted there are some caveats that are there as they need to see some credit worthiness and the loan structure has to make sense. However...what one lender may find insurmountable, another lender may find off setting compensating factors and not access the risk/reward factor in the same light as the other lender. Unlike the bank, I am not limited to their internal cookie cutter loan guidelines that their assigned loan officer is. I literally have hundreds upon hundreds of different conduits in which to place your loan that include SBA, conventional, CMBS, and private equtiy lenders.
My name is Kirk Thibodeau and I am the CEO and founder of 1st Equity Capital Funding. I am a licensed real estate broker and have been a licensed realtor for over twenty years now. I was a licensed residential mortgage broker for 18 years and worked as a wholesale mortgage banker for 11 years. I have funded every type of loan imaginable at one time or another in the residential sector as well as the commercial sector. With all that has taken place in the recent mortgage meltdown I have decided to focus on arranging financing on commercial real estate exclusively.  If you are having trouble obtaining financing for your commercial real estate property due to the banks stringent lending guidelines, this would be a good time to pick up the phone and give 1st Equity Capital Funding a call. Whether you are purchasing commercial real estate, need to refinance due to a balloon coming due, or you need a cash out refi and you have been turned down by the bank, now is the time to call 1st Equity Capital Funding!
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  • Gas Stations
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  • Special Purpose
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  • SBA 7a Loans (down to a 600 FICO)
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