Climate Informatics wiki

The threat of climate change is one of the greatest challenges currently facing society.  Given the profound impact machine learning has made on the natural sciences to which it has been applied, such as the field of bioinformatics, we are forging and encouraging collaborations between machine learning (as well as data mining and statistics) and climate science, in order to accelerate progress in answering pressing questions in climate science.  The goal of this workshop is to incubate this new field, Climate Informatics.  Recent progress on Climate Informatics reveals that collaborations with climate scientists also open interesting new problems for machine learning.  There are a myriad of collaborations possible at the intersection of these two fields.

This wiki contains links to the annual Climate Informatics workshop, as well as to relevant materials such as tutorials and data.

Links to past workshops, including resulting materials, can be found here, hosted by their respective venues:
In September 2014, a new Climate Informatics website was launched here!
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