Sterling Silver Flatware Towle

sterling silver flatware towle
    sterling silver
  • a silver alloy with no more than 7.5% copper
  • Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.
  • Silver of 921/2 percent purity
  • Silver of a fineness of 92.5%.
  • Relatively flat dishes such as plates and saucers
  • Cutlery refers to any hand implement used in preparing, serving, and especially eating food in the Western world. It is more usually known as silverware or flatware in the United States, where cutlery can have the more specific meaning of knives and other cutting instruments.
  • tableware that is relatively flat and fashioned as a single piece
  • silverware eating utensils
  • Eating utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons
sterling silver flatware towle - Towle Legato
Towle Legato 46-piece Sterling Silver Flatware Set
Towle Legato 46-piece Sterling Silver Flatware Set
Offering fantastic designs for a fashion-forward audience, Towle Silversmiths creatse updated and traditional sterling silver flatware that is stunning enough for entertaining, yet perfectly practical for everyday use. Towle sterling is exceptional in quality, with a beautiful balance of form and function. Crafted by an elite group of artisans, each piece of Towle's sterling conveys incredible character and exquisite detail that complements your personality and style. The traditional curves and contours of Legato® are restrained by a modern touch emphasizing the graceful handle of this pattern. The rich and precise ornamentation on the edges of Legato® will please the most discriminating eye. Bring refinement and sophistication to your table.

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Thrift Shop Table Settings.
Thrift Shop Table Settings.
Table setting for dinner. Royal Worcester China, Wallace Sterling Flatware, Cut Crystal Stemware, Antique linens, and Towle Sterling Candlesticks.
There I was, taking exactly the sort of photos I don't enjoy taking or looking at, and this bin of old flatware caught my eye.

sterling silver flatware towle
sterling silver flatware towle
J.A. Henckels Premier Series Opus 45-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set, Service for 8
From the makers of the world's finest cutlery since 1731 comes the J. A. Henckels International Flatware Collection. The Opus pattern features a very simple, contemporary design, with handles that tilt slightly upward at the end, and featuring a larger, continental size similar to those found in nicer restaurants around the world. All pieces in the collection are made of the highest quality, 18/10 stainless steel. The knives have hollow handles for a better balance and comfortable grip, and finely honed, extra-sharp blades for superior cutting. The 45-piece Opus Set includes: 8 Dinner Knives 8 Dinner Forks 8 Dinner Spoons 8 Salad Forks 8 Teaspoons 1 Large Serving Spoon 1 Slotted Serving Spoon 1 Serving Fork 1 Butter Knife 1 Sugar Spoon.

Heavy enough for everyday use and elegant enough for company, this flatware suits any occasion and then goes into the dishwasher. It's made of durable 18/10 stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish. Substantial length (9-inch knives), width, and heft qualify it as European size--the kind of flatware that might be found in an upscale bistro. This Opus pattern features fork and spoon handles that turn up slightly at their ends and knife handles that curve to the right, contributing a contemporary look. The 45 pieces break down into complete table settings for 8 plus a 5-piece "hostess" set of serving pieces. A single setting consists of knife, fork, soupspoon, salad fork, and teaspoon. The hostess set consists of 6-inch sugar spoon, 7-inch butter knife, 8-1/2-inch serving fork, 8-1/4-inch serving spoon, and 8-1/4-inch pierced serving spoon. Properly cared for, this flatware should last a lifetime and beyond. --Fred Brack
What’s in the Box
8 place settings, 5 serving pieces. Each place setting consists of: knife; fork; soup spoon; salad fork; teaspoon. Hostess set consists of: 6-inch sugar spoon; 7-inch butter knife; 8-1/2-inch serving fork; 8-1/4-inch solid serving spoon; 8-1/4-inch pierced serving spoon. 45 pieces total.