Cash For Silver Jewelry - Silver Revere Bowl.

Cash For Silver Jewelry

cash for silver jewelry
  • (jeweler) jewelry maker: someone who makes jewelry
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Gift From Janet 05
Gift From Janet 05
My darling Marnie, John Lennon's "War is Over” Christmas song is on my mind. Here’s a story about my Mother and Daddy. Sometime in 1942 my Daddy gave a diplomat pal some money as he was leaving for Mexico. My Daddy worked for the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. at the time and the diplomat was heading for Mexico on an official visit. Daddy requested "something beautiful for me to give to Gerry for her birthday" and handed him some cash. So, the diplomat carried back from Mexico, in his diplomat's pouch, a box for my Daddy. It contained a necklace and earrings that my Mother wore all her life and I've worn quite a few times myself. My parents went dancing every chance they got throughout their married life. Well, the Christmas after that August birthday, they went to a Diplomats’ Ball for some wartime charity. My Mother was pretty big and fat (Daddy liked her that way), but very light on her feet, and was frequently the belle of the ball with everyone who was anyone dancing with her. It was a formal affair and she wore her "gilleys" with her long gown. She also wore the lovely jade jewelry from Mexico, and danced all night long. There was a line of tuxes waiting to sign her dance card all evening, with my Daddy only getting an occasional dance. She eventually admitted to being pretty well worn out and collapsed on a deep sofa and sat there and "received" for quite some time with one diplomat bringing her one cuba libre after another. This admirer, after plying her with mucho rum, begged a dance. So, Mother put her hand in his, and he raised her off of the sofa...into his arms...and straight onto the floor! They say it took four diplomats to carry her to the car, and nobody ever let my Daddy hear the last of it. Much giggling all ‘round ever after when rum came into a conversation. Mother didn't remember what happened; when she like to tell the story, she'd say "Well, I was enjoying a lovely rum drink, and accepted an offer of a dance, then was flat on my face, and woke up in bed!" I can see the sly grin on his face even now, as Daddy admitted that he was proud of her; after all, she WAS the best dancer at the ball. So, Marnlette, here is that set of jewelry. It's not stylish these days, and I've left it tarnished. I've not worn it in quite some time. It used to polish up quite nicely, so I thought I'd leave that Joy for you to do. And, not to worry, it shall tarnish nicely again… it always has. I can't think of anyone I know who I'd rather have it. I know you'll get as many giggles out of it as have I…and my parents, too! Wear It once, then maybe it would be of some use for you to show with your delightful knitted creations. It's OK if it lives mostly in a jewelry box since it's quite used to that. My Mother would have loved you to pieces, and would have asked me to pass on to you what she always called her "best dress-up gift" from my Daddy...for Christmas this year. "...and soooo it is Christmas" and her war IS over. Love, hugs, kisses, Janet Christmas 2010
Bring out your dead (jewelry)
Bring out your dead (jewelry)
What: old gold and silver jewelry Why kept: might be work something, out of site, it was a gift from x, y and z Last used: some of the silver was so tarnished, I'm guessing 20 years. Some even from boyfriends in high school YIKES! Destination: these places that buy you gold for cash (well a check anyway) have been popping up all over the place. So I dug through my old jewelry and took it to one. I got about $59.44 for it. I'm sure it was worth double that but it's out of my house. Yay! The earrings that were worth more will be listed on e-bay this weekend if I have the time One strange thing happen after I left the place, I started to get a pounder of a headache. I think it was from handling the bad chi jewelry. Or maybe it was the fumes from the glue and new cheap carpeting in the place. Or perhaps it was from the other people bad chi jewelry. Anyway. Good riddance to old and broken jewelry that I was never going to wear again! Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

cash for silver jewelry