The Rumple

The Rumple – Draft Proof and Stop Sash Windows from Rattling

In a Perfect world, your sash windows would be a perfect fit.
There would be no gaps, and the windows would slide up and down with zero friction.
When first fitted, your sash window would have been pretty efficient.

However, in the real world, your sash window fits badly.
Years of use have caused wear on the moving parts.
Staff beads have been adjusted to close up the gaps, while still allowing the windows to slide freely.
Cold air and noise enter through the gaps - shown in blue below.
The lower pane is most frequently used, and is therefore the most worn part of the window.

By fitting the RUMPLE, the window frame is pressed against the parting bead.
This closes the gap and prevents air and noise from entering your home.

This very simple device, which costs pennies will drastically reduce cold drafts and noise.

Materials Required:


Jointing Blocks - These may be known as:

Knock Down Block
Knock Down Fittings
Fixit Block
Fixing Block
Cabinet Fixing Block

Machine Screw – Pan Head M5x 30mm

M5 Tap from Tap & Die set

Cordless Drill

25mm Drywall screw


Drill Press


The Rumple fixes on to the staff bead.


By turning the threaded screw, the window is pushed lightly against the parting bead of the window, eliminating drafts and rattles.



The Method:



You need to machine a thread into the modesty block.

Very easy – run the M5 Tap into the block using the drill.


You need to cut the machine screw to the right length using a hacksaw

You need to cut a slot into the screw so that you can turn it with a screwdriver.

Its quite easy to put the block in a vice or drill press and cut a slot with a hacksaw.




Position the Rumple 3 inches from the top of the lower pane.

Drill pilot holes into the staff bead.

Screw the Rumple into the staff bead.

Push the window against the parting bead with one hand while turning the adjusting screw until it just catches.

Do the same on the other side of the window.

Thats it.

You know that it works because the noise has reduced.