3s of Child Health: Status, Strategies, Solutions

1st Post Graduate Course PPS-STC


In the era of Outcome-based Education, social accountability is espoused to translate to improvements in population health outcomes. Learning should not stop at acquiring the knowledge. It should proceed to identifying the health problems then creating health programs to solve these problems. The outcome assessed should be improvements in the health status of the community and the society as a whole.


A lot of conventions, conferences and postgraduate courses are offered for pediatricians each year. New knowledge, updates or reviews are given. But are these knowledge translated to improving the health problems in the community?


This is what the PPS-STC Postgraduate Course would like to achieve. Making sure that the knowledge gained is translated to advocacy projects for the community. This is social accountability in the real form. Thus, the modules formulated are aligned with the PPS-STC advocacy programs. Creation of various educational materials were done to translate and disseminate the knowledge from each module towards improving health outcomes in children whom we vowed to serve. Impact for the community is the ultimate outcome that this postgraduate course aims to achieve.



At the end of this 1 day Postgraduate Course, the participants should be able to apply the proposed strategies for each health issue identified aligned with the PPS-STC advocacy programs 

SDE video of the Post Graduate Course

1st Post Grad Course SDE