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best place to sell gold coins
    gold coins
  • A gold coin is a coin made mostly or entirely of gold. Gold has been used for coins practically since the invention of coinage, originally because of gold's intrinsic value.
  • Gold dollar | Quarter Eagle ($2.50) | Three-dollar piece | Half Eagle ($5) | Eagle ($10) | Double Eagle ($20)
  • Coin minted in gold, such as the American Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf.
  • A particular position or point in space
  • Used to refer to an area already identified (giving an impression of informality)
  • A particular point on a larger surface or in a larger object or area
  • place somebody in a particular situation or location; "he was placed on probation"
  • topographic point: a point located with respect to surface features of some region; "this is a nice place for a picnic"; "a bright spot on a planet"
  • put: put into a certain place or abstract location; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"
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best place to sell gold coins - Super Mario
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Sunshine takes Mario and Peach to beautiful Sunshine Island, for a much-needed vacation -- until a graffiti artist dressed like Mario goes around vandalizing the place!

Six years. Six long years we’ve had to wait for a new Mario game, and finally it’s here. And even considering the ridiculously unfair expectations, Super Mario Sunshine is almost entirely as good as you’d hope and expect.
The premise of the game is that Mario’s tropical holiday is ruined when he’s stitched up by an evil look-alike for daubing graffiti all over the island. Rather conveniently, there’s a water pump waiting for him to use, which not only washes away the mess but also doubles as a handy jet pack. The jet pack aspect means that whenever you fall off something you have the chance to immediately recover. This built-in safety net means the game can afford to be far more ambitious in its level design than ever before, with massive levels filled with trampolines, tightropes, water-powered windmills, huge coral reefs, and mountains and mountains of platforms.
The whole thing looks amazing, too, with the most realistic water ever seen in a video game, and a near-infinite draw distance. On top of all this are rideable, fruit-juice-spewing Yoshis, extra water nozzles, super-hardcore platform levels where Shadow Mario nicks your jet pack, and goop-generating bosses who seem to live to make Princess Peach’s laundry a nightmare.
After the sweet but rather short pleasures of Luigi’s Mansion and Pikmin, you need have no fear that Mario Sunshine is of a similarly brief nature. There are a total of 120 shines to collect--the same number of stars as in Super Mario 64--and the game world is at least as large and far more interactive. This is without question the best game on the GameCube yet. That may be no more than you'd expect from a Mario game, but it's certainly more than most of us mere mortals deserve. --David Jenkins

78% (11)
Kill every Goblin
Kill every Goblin
The tales of Leo Wayfarer and Damu the Kenku Assassin, as told by Leo to his Nephew Leto Wayfarer: 6 of 33- Kill every Goblin. After a year or two of working together me and Damu got a pretty good system between us worked out. I would tend to do all the talking and finding us jobs, and once on the jobs he'd kill lots of people. It worked out well for us. This one time I got picked up a bounty contract for us that was on the head of some Goblin Shaman called Ertu. The contract was with Regentum and the city of Scardale, like a great deal of our jobs ended up being. Our coin was getting light and after our last job there was a bit of an eye on us from the city, so we took up an official government hit to smooth things over. The deal was that outside of of the town of Salsburg this guy here Ertu had lead a band of his fellow Goblins to take over an abandoned lumber mill and was teaching the Goblins how to build wagons and chariots. That was the issue, the idea that one Goblin had figured out a trade and was trying to teach it to his people. You know people usually think that the Bestial races are incapable of civilization on their own, and because of that Humans, Dwarves and what not , will always have the final upper hand. I'm not 100% sure on it, but I tend to agree. Regentum was worried that if these races got their shit together they'd be more of a threat. Believe it or not a ton of mercenary contracts were for attacking Kolbolds who were given higher priority then even Orcs or Ogres. Most people assume its because the military wants Mercs to pick up its light work (Trust me they want light work), but really its because the Kolbolds are miners and all the other brutes make their crude weapons from ore mined by Kolbolds. I shit you not. So letting Goblins get in the swing of making chariots was certainly out of the question. We got a ride to Salsburg from the military, in with a supply caravan, but we had to ride in the back wagons with the provisions. The commanding officer was a real dick though, and was way creeped out by Damu. Not by him personally (Ha, if he only knew), but because he was a Kenku. Me and the officer were talking one night and he was all like, "How can you be around that thing?". He was starting to piss me off a bit and he could tell, so I was like, "Look that little fucker is really good at what he does. Maybe even one of the best. I saw him one time when we were chasing this wanted Half-Orc and his flunkies, leaping from roof top to roof top he jumped from a church spire and shot all these arrows, killing a bunch of assholes before he even hit the ground. You don't got one guy here who could even come close to some shit like that." He shut up after that and gave Damu a wide girth. The troops we glad to get rid of us in Salsburg. Salsburg was even worse though for us. We were constantly getting stopped by the town guard there because of Damu and every time I had to whip out our contract. It's a rinky dink farming and mining town, almost all Human and a few Halflings. We got some gear and headed out, including a donkey and a cart. We didn't have the money for a horse. Well really we didn't have the money for the donkey either, but they didn't want us there. The donkey was old and it took shits constantly. We had to get as close as possible to the abandoned mill with out being noticed. Goblins come out at night, so we left the donkey a few miles back and moved in closer in the day. We set up a decoy, we had these flasks of oil rigged to explode with alcohol soaked rope figuring that it would burn slow and take a few hours to go off. We got in close to the place right before sunset. The old mill was an old brick mortar warehouse mostly overgrown with weeds and vines. Damu noticed they had a pen of goats and pigs, so he snuck over and opened the latch to the pen's gate, but he didn't swing the gate open. I saw the place had a few tunnels dug out from the sides of it. Goblins always do that so their Wolf Riders can swarm in and out of a lair. I made sure to line them with a few caltrops, then we both climbed up the side of the building. I got to a window and found that a stack of logs was piled up past the window on the inside. I crawled through the window and got behind the logs. After a few minutes I could hear them all getting up. A lot of cursing, threats and Wolves growling. I know Goblin actually so I could tell what was going on. I sat there tense behind the logs hoping that Damu found a good spot to hide in for himself. It didn't take me long to listen to all the voices and start to figure out who was who. I zeroed in on Ertu fairly quickly. After I think maybe an hour of waiting the fires went off and a bunch of Goblins were sent to check it out. While they went away Ertu got the rest of the Goblins together and started screaming, preaching and extolling at them. While there isn't a word in the Goblin language for "Solidarity" he pretty much was freak
Vlad the Impalor (Dracula)
Vlad the Impalor (Dracula)
Dracula is only Bram Stoker imagination... inspired by our great duke Vlad Dracul... with a lot of soul...and grammar mistakes i will tell you his story... real one ! apologize to my turkish friends...all was happend in the past...:)) In 1456 Halley commet has passed away…than was named Domn (king) Vladislav Dracula –how he sign in his letters- son of Draculea (devil) king. He issue little silver coins with commet draw than ! He was tall, with green eyes, long hair, black and curly… He was remarkable daring, very brave and wise… Was named ,,Vlad the Impalor’’ after his way to punished his enemys… In that time ottoman empire was the most great power, they decide who is king in romanian country, and that man named by them must send to them money, food, horses, childrens (for their army) and a blood realative for safe and trust in them. Vlad was sended child being like a guarantee of obedience by his father. So there on turkish army he learned their language and their habits… In time he was married with the cousin of neighboor king Matei Corvin, he…helped him to become a duke in Romanian country. In 1456 he was thinking that country is full of beggers and robbers. Three days the churchs bells haved ring calling all of them to a big meal by king mercy; thousands haved comed on wood houses… where wood chairs and wood tables with food was waiting for them. In the time during their eating and drinking time spended like a good time, Vlad command to blaze fire ! they was burning alived there... After that he asked his partners named boieri: -Did you liked what I have done my boiers ? smiling and showing his white theet… Terrifieds the boiers said: -We liked…of course your-highness…how could not liked ? -Sooo….that is my solution: deliver fire ! Once of the road he meet a fat monk and that one haved a dunky with a lot of luaguagge . He asked simple peoples: -What he have…he shared with you ? and he discovered that monk was selling his goods and he gather the money. Vlad shared all monk money on poorer and impale the monk. A rich merchant from Florence comed with gold and precious stones and he was feared by thiefs. He comes at king with a gift –a ring and he pleased Vlad to protect him and his welth. -Thiefs in my country ? he said… heei boiers ! on your hill with wine tree somebody steal your grapes during the night ? -No your-highness, nobody touched them ! -Did you have watchmans there ? -No, why should we have ? -Who watch then your winetree ? -The fear your-highness, she is the best guard ! -Did you heard them ? take your ring back, and let your stuff anywhere in the public place during the night, and you will sleeping here in my house. If you don’t want I will punish you ! but I want to know something first: are you onest ? -I am your-highness ! I never cheated until now… -We will see… All the night he could not sleep by fear…and in the morning the great miracle: his fortune was untouched, in the same place…public place...:)) Vlad asked him: -Did you searched your money onest merchant ? something missing ? -Oooh! Your highness I have one coin besides ! -If you are not telling me about, I was thinking that you are not onest and I surely take your fortune, but now, I will tell you that I liked your ring, I give to you money for him because I received gifts only by people of my rank…. In 1460 Dan, his brother wanted his throne. In only one day Vlad destroy his brother army and catch him alive. He come closer to Dan, he rise-up his chin with a finger and grining he showed his white theet: -Why are you sweating brother Dan ? somehow kingdom chair are burning you ? is better underground because there is chill… And some priests have started to sing by his command funeral songs and in that mean time his grave was digging. Dan was lisening his songs with a lighted candle in his hands, and incense smell around… -Amin ! make his dust easy (a romanian expression) said Vlad with his head uncover like in front of a dead body… After that Dan head was cutted, and he fall down directly in the grave… Some Turkish messengers haved comed after taxes.. -Don’t worry about money said the king, I have here for your padisah, our saint and God, all the money for 50 years by now…to have something for good. I have childrens too for him, but I feed them better for good looking and strength. Pleasae take yours sherbets… why don’t you take off your turbans (Turkish heats) like we takes ours ? (he already knew better that ottoman laws stopped them to take theirs turbans) -You are doing that, but not we ! never ! in your face ? is a big ashame to do that… -Is sooo ? said astonish Vlad. And when is a storm ? what are you doing when is a storm? If a damn wind take your turbans ? is a big ashame, isn’t it ? -Yes is a big ashame and sin ! said one of the messengers. -I don’t want to happened something bad like that on my royal courtyard, sooo…I was thinking to make a big good for you, to not fell down yours turbans, even a mad wind begi

best place to sell gold coins
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