Silver liquor labels : Sterling silver leaf pendants

Silver Liquor Labels

silver liquor labels
  • coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"
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  • the liquid in which vegetables or meat have be cooked
  • Water used in brewing
  • a liquid substance that is a solution (or emulsion or suspension) used or obtained in an industrial process; "waste liquors"
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silver liquor labels - SET OF
Godinger is a unique company that specializes in handmade silver, pewter crystal and elite gift items. From wedding gifts candlesticks barware bakeware tea sets and frames you are sure to find the ideal item for any special occasion. Godinger's goal is to provide you the customer with a piece that expresses a "one of a kind" sense of style and quality at affordable prices. These elegant liquor tags are the perfect addition to the upper class bar! Designed with a hanging chain to fit any bottle these oval labels will complement your favorite liquors. A set of four tags engraved; Bourbon Scotch Vodka and Gin. This set will suit any taste! Made of silver-plated material these chic tags will make a statement!. Dimensions: 2.25L x 1.25W x 0.25H. Made of fine silver plated material. Set of 4 tags. Scripted: Bourbon Scotch Vodka Gin. Ideal barware accessory.

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My villa's table of liquor. Mainly this is for entertaining, although I've yet to have anyone visit, and for decoration. I don't really like to drink, and especially not alone. I'll probably get some bourbon, cognac, and some more liquor for cooking, although I need to get a stove/oven first. I also need to find some better tequila.

Mostly I stock this from dubai duty free, or the local MMI Cellar (good selection, decent prices, on par with the US), or the sketchy Centaur Liquors downtown (cheap!)

I'll probably use my 4 bottle duty free import allowance to pick up local liquor and wine from non-muslim countries, such as bison grass vodka from Poland, wines from wherever, korean shochu...but that requires travel outside muslim countries first.

Still, more liquor than I can have on bases in Iraq.
Liquor Labels
Liquor Labels
These silver decanter labels were a nightmare to photograph, but I think this turned out pretty well. These are from Leonard. All the rain we've had here in Winnipeg is good for something - makes the picnic table look awesome!

silver liquor labels
silver liquor labels
Decanter Label - Good Stuff
These Pewter Decanter Labels adorn the necks of fine crystal decanters and sumptuous liquors. Many homes have a singular liquor that is a family treasure. To accent and define your favorite pleasure, a decanter label can add a touch of refinement to your decanter or bottle. Crafted of lustrous pewter and engraved with eleven different types of liquors and after dinner choices, we also offer a twelfth option that can be personalized with your own choice of engraving. Choose a custom one line message and your choice of font. Decanter labels measure 1 3/4 tall and 2 inches wide.