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Jack Daniels Silver Barrel

jack daniels silver barrel
    jack daniels
  • Harold Jack Daniels [Sour Mash Jack] (born December 21, 1927) is a former right fielder in Major League Baseball who played briefly for the Boston Braves during the season. Listed at 5' 10", 165 lb., Daniels batted and threw left-handed. He was born in Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Jack Daniels may refer to: * Jack Daniel (1846-1911), founder of the whiskey company ** Jack Daniel's, brand of whiskey * Jack Daniels (baseball) (born 1927), Major League Baseball outfielder * Jack Daniels (coach) (born 1933), Olympian in the modern pentathlon and cross-country running coach *
  • Jack Tupper Daniels (born April 26, 1933) is a former professor of physical education and cross-country running coach at State University of New York at Cortland. He received his doctoral degree in exercise physiology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
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jack daniels silver barrel - Jack Daniel`s
Jack Daniel`s Silver Select Whisky 75 Cl
Jack Daniel`s Silver Select Whisky 75 Cl
Jack Daniel's Silver Select Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey returns to the simplest days of the distiller's art when whiskey was crafted and sold by the barrel, each with its own individual taste. Each barrel of this select 100 proof (50% abv) whiskey is aged in a unique location within the warehouse where the whiskey's colour and taste mature in extra measure. Because Silver Select is a single barrel whiskey, bottles drawn from individual barrels offer subtle differences in nose, colour and taste. To mark its distinctive character, each bottle is hand-labelled with it's rick and barrel number and it's individual bottling date. It is a single barrel with a singular taste that could only be crafted by the Jack Daniel Distillery.

88% (14)
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Jack Daniel's Home at the Distillery. Lynchburg. Tennessee.USA. January 2007
Jack Daniel's Home at the Distillery. Lynchburg. Tennessee.USA. January 2007
From the JD website: " Jack Daniel, one of 13 children, was born in 1850. He was raised by a family friend before being hired out to work with the Dan Call family at the age of seven. Call, a Lutheran minister, also owned a whiskey still on the Louse River. Over the next several years, Jack learned everything he could about whiskey making from Call. Then, in September of 1863, under increasing pressure to devote his life to lifting spirits rather than selling them, Call sold his still to Jack, who was just 13 at the time. Jack Daniel, like Dan Call, believed in mellowing fresh whiskey through hard maple charcoal. While this process was widely used, the time and expense involved made it less popular with penny-pinching whiskey makers. But Mr. Jack thought it was essential, so he perfected his charcoal mellowing process back in 1866. To this day, this still gives Jack Daniel's its smooth character and unique taste. In anticipation of government taxes, Mr. Jack registered his distillery in 1866. He was the first to do so. Making it the nation's oldest registered distillery. Though only 5'2" tall, Mr. Jack's stature as a distiller kept growing. To mark his 21st birthday, Jack went on a shopping spree in the city. He returned wearing a formal knee-length frock coat and a broad-brimmed planter's hat, which would become his daily uniform for the rest of his life."

jack daniels silver barrel
jack daniels silver barrel
Jack Daniel?s Whiskey On Water Glass
This glass proves that whiskey does stand on water! First, fill the bottom bowl to the neck with water. Then, fill as much whiskey as you prefer in the top bowl. The two liquids do not mix until the glass is tilted far enough to allow the water to flow from the bottom bowl to the top! This whiskey on water glass is the perfect single glass for serving a shot with chaser all in one. The bottom compartment holds 2 ounces of water while the top holds 1 ounce of whiskey. The glass is decorated with the Jack Daniel's Swing logo and the Old No. 7 Brand logo.