Get Together - 31 Jan - 02 Feb 2015

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Indian Navy Retired Sailors'
6th Re-Union, Pondicherry

We have hosted a get together as sequel to the previous one at Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. Organizing Committee and the members were as follows:




APS Anand

Event Director

D Saravana Kumar

Finance Controller

A Samuel

Program Manager

Hamsa PP


Contribution per head was 5,000.00, which covered the Tea during the meeting, Buffet Lunch, Hard Drinks / Soft Drinks, Buffet Dinner and accommodation through out the event in the weekend. Alsmost the entire resort was booked to accommodate all the participants.

The title of the event was "Indian Navy Retired Sailors’ Sixt Re-union, 31 Jan - 02 Feb 2015, Pondicherry" and the phrase was "Old Friends… Sharing New and Old Experiences...". 

Photo and video coverage was done by the participants to save the additional expenditures. The same was uploaded at an internet file sharing site so that all can download. Anyone who is not comfortable can request any of us so that a CD / DVD can be despatched for them by bearing the cost as applicable. Program agenda for 30 Jan 2011 was as follows:



Samuel, Amar, Anish, Anand, Anil, Baiju, Rama, Dhirendra.
Dominic, Hamsa, Hari, Ravindran, Prajesh, Krishna, Manoj, Manoj.
Sivaraman, Biju, Biju, Saravanan, Senthil, Srinivasan, Ramesh, Ranjeet.
Boarkar, Santhosh, Rai, Pataniya, Suresh, Vijaya, Karthik.


Group Photo:

(Standing) CB Rama, RK Singh, SS Pathania, Saravanan, Ramesh Bose, MG Krishnan, Anish Kurian, MR Sivaraman, O Biju, Ravichandran, Amar Kulkarni, TV Kumar, VR Karthikeyan, Dominic Clement, CPS Kumar, A Samuel, Prajesh KR, APS Ananad, Arun (Civilian), BH Kumar.

(Sitting) S Borkar, SK Rai, SK Kumar, Dhirendra Kumar, P Baiju, PA Biju, TS Santhosh, Hamsa PP, Manoj Warrier, R Srinivasan, R Senthil.

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Meet your long lost friends and rewind those golden days.

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Thank you all for those who have participated and helped the organizers in making it a success.