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Pride and Prejudice

Summative Assessment
Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, provides the readers with a love drama. The whole book focused on the different relationships between the characters and how pride and prejudice just messes with everything. At first I thought that it was going to be another Jane Eyre story, and in a way it was, yet I found that this book had more happiness and drama due to the multiple relationships and the actions of the different characters affecting one another. At first I didn’t really care much for the book, considering that Jane and Bingley had like the “perfect relationship.” But when the love-hate relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy began to form, I found the story to get more interesting.
    As I mentioned before, I thought that this book would be like Jane Eyre. With the love-hate relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, it was in a way very similar. Because their first encounter was not the greatest, Elizabeth disliked Darcy and viewed him as a prideful rich man. However, Darcy fell in love with her but because of his first impression on her, his feelings for her were not communicated clear to her, and thus causing the main drama of the story. I find that this relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy to be more realistic than Jane and Bingley’s relationship. Although Jane and Bingley’s relationship could happen, Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship is more exciting and entertaining to have. The only thing I really disliked about it was all the lies that Elizabeth easily believed and how she found out the truth in the end so easily. In a way, I wish that there could have been a bit more dramatic scenes maybe with some violence but I still approved of the way Austen wrote the plot.
        As the title suggested, the story revolves around pride and prejudice. Austen shows that these two things cause so much trouble and differences in people’s lives. Because of pride and prejudice, many of the characters made themselves look foolish and didn’t get along well with each other. Like them, modern society is just the same. Because of sin, man is full of pride and prejudice. People fail to realize that so many problems are caused because of this and that if they just admit their faults, there wouldn’t be so much trouble going around.
        At certain points I found that the relationships were so stupid and that the choices the characters made caused me to want to yell at them and call them stupid because of what they did. At points I just wanted the book to end because I believed that it was just dragging on longer than it should have. But overall, I think that Austen did a fairly good job on writing this story and expressing the hardship of relationships. One of the downfalls about reading this book is that I lack actual experience about relationships and such things. Although I read some romance stories, theirs is just some parts that either confuse me or just completely bore me. But overall, I would probably recommend this book to anyone that has a lot of patience and can deal with the drama throughout the story.

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The trailer to the 2005 movie of Pride and Prejudice.
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