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posted Dec 1, 2011, 5:50 PM by Peter Miller

Yes, that's right! Celebrating both it's one year birthday and IOTY, I launched a new website for 1 Monster Truck vs. 61 Children! Also, I have launched a store on Cafe Press!Click here to go to it! Also, it is time to vote for Indy Of The Year! Be sure to vote for 1 Monster Truck vs. 61 Children! I strongly believe that with your help we can win! Please ask all your friends to vote as well! Let's make this IOTY one to remember!
Indie of the Year Awards

Below are pictures of merchandise so far!
1v61 Sticker
1v61 Sticker

"I can make the jump!" License Plate Cover

"I can make the jump!" Bumper Sticker or Car Magnet

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