Literacy and Learning

Teaching is definitely a vocation rather than a job or even a career.  The satisfaction I get from seeing children learn is immense.  I know that every success and problem overcome in their learning is setting that child up for an enjoyable and successful life. 

My previous jobs, although enjoyable, could not even hope to come close to what teaching can offer in the way of job satisfaction. 

The best moment for a teacher is when a child applies themselves to learning something difficult and then finally they just click!  The satisfaction for the child is immense.  The satisfaction for the teacher is equal to this!

My favourite 'I got it' moment was when I was in the middle of demonstrating my teaching to a numeracy tutor.  She was observing my group which was going well.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see one of my students who had been struggling with fractions for over a week trying to dance with glee quietly.  The child who had come to my class with a reputation for misconduct was desperately trying to catch my attention without attracting the visitors attention or disrupting my group.  I had set him some fraction pieces to play some games with in the hope he would learn why fractions get smaller as the denominator got larger.  I could see he was in danger of exploding over something so I revisited the learning intention and wrapped up the group.  As soon as I stood up he pounced on me and with the widest grin and a joy filled voice told me - I got it Miss, finally I get it, you give a big number to the little pieces 'cause you had to cut them that many times. He then grabbed my hand and dragged me over to a table to demonstrate his new found knowledge.  The strut was back in his step and mischief in his eye! 

For this moment I am happy to toil forever.

So how do we encourage these "I GOT  IT!" moments.  For me I believe it is a mixture of:
  • knowing your students,
  • understanding what sort of activities they will enjoy and learn from,
  • preparing activities that are based on learning intentions with clear success criteria,
  • sharing learning intentions,
  • checking students know the learning intention half way through activities,
  • checking students have been successful at the end of activities,
  • connecting the learning to the real world
  • ensuring learning is relevant to students world and not just limited to school.
Under literacy and learning you will find various pages that might help you develop your own "I GOT IT!" moments. 



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