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Today is the first step in making a change in your life. Today is also a new beginning and a new way of thinking. Millions of people with a felony conviction  just like you are in need of employment . Many companies do not hire individuals with past felony convictions. Few companies will hire individuals with past felony convictions only with restrictions attached.  These restrictions may involve "LOW WAGES", "NO BENEFITS" and harsh work environments that sometimes feel as "SLAVE LIKE EMPLOYMENT'.
Our company is here to help individuals with a criminal history find immediate employment without feeling hopeless. We all have a past and for some our past follows us closely when in need of a job. Your application is no longer put at the bottom of the pile but on top of the pile with other candidates just like you. Everyone has a 99.9% chance of seeking employment through our service. The other .1% is all in your effort to seek employment. Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream, so wakeup cause today is not about dreaming of a job but actually getting a job. 



What Makes Us Unique

Our compnay specilaizes in jobs for those peole that have a criminal background. Our company helps indvidauls find a job that pays them based on their work pay rate. These employers do not discriminate against individuals with their pay and benefits. We also attempt to find training for individuals that lack the training needed for some employers. At times we have on site training as well as off site training at various locations. We also asisst individuals that may want to further their education.
Our company does not assisst individuals that do not have criminal history problems. Our company was started to assisst the special and immediate needs of individuals that may have a hard time with seeking employment due to their criminal history. Our goal is to bring awareness to  millions of companies of potential candidates that may have been overlooked due to criminal history.