"1 is the lonely number" is the result of my need to search for new sounds.
It all started in 2007 as an attempt to make something different from what I created with my band at the time: "The Other Side".
We had just released an album and I was not totally happy with the results.
The feeling that what we had just done was below what I expected from music, along with the need to do something mine, led me to start composing new melodies.
The demand for different sounds and the need to reach a new musical aesthetics broader increased when "The Other Side" came to an end.

Finally I had the opportunity to join my ideas and melodies to create my compositions. I recorded the themes, mixed and mastered them at "Impulso sinoide studios" in Castelo de Paiva, Portugal. The work that began in late 2006 led to a presentation EP: "The city has been taken by giant monkeys."
The first single was released in November 2008 by "Abutre". This is a net-label which began work in Portugal during 2008. This provides the free download of the artists work, being a kind of musical community.
The EP was released as a promotional sample of the album.
After another year of work I present you "Sleepwalkers to a soundtrack of sirens".