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3. Create a Page or Template

Google Sites offers a choice of ready made templates you can use.

Web Page

A Web Page is an unstructured page that will allow you to add text, images, videos, calendars, tables, gadgets, and more. You'll be able to format the text, create bulleted lists, and attach files from your computer to the bottom of the page. To do this, select Attachments. You'll then be able to browse your computer to select files to Open. Viewers will be able to Download the attachments.

Only site collaborators are able to add Comments. However, one they are entered, they are available to any viewer to read.


An Announcement Page is used to post chronological information like news or updates. It can also be used as a simple blog. Interested readers can subscribe to be notified of new posts or updates to existing posts.

When a Google account viewer chooses to Subscribe to posts they will have a choice to have the notification sent to either their iGoogle or Google Reader page.

This is an example of how it will look on an iGoogle page:

Note that a viewer wishing to Subscribe to posts must have a Google account to receive notifications.

File Cabinet

With File Cabinet you can upload documents from your computer hard drive and organize them into folders. They can be shared with collaborators or viewers. 

Viewers can subscribe to changes and will be notified when a file is added or deleted.

List Page

List pages gives you an easy way to track lists of information. There are choices of list templates to use or you can create your own.

Subscribers can be notified when there are additions, deletions or updates to the list.

Here is a great example of how a List Page can be used to organize a family gathering.

Ready-Made Templates

Google also offers a number of ready-made templates you can adapt to make them your own. They are available when you first create a website. When you Create a new site, you'll see a few of the choices. However, many more exists when you Browse the Gallery for more.

All web pages in your site will have the same basic look.

Adapting a template is easy, just click on the Edit button and begin to replace the text that is there with your own content. Where some people have difficulty is in the sidebar. To edit it, you must first choose More actions > Manage Site. On this page, choose  Site layout under Site appearance.  It will bring you to the page where you can chose to edit the Sidebar in Customize your site layout.

In this example, there are many different sections to the Sidebar, some,Navigation, help the user navigate to other pages in the website. Others, placeText and pictures in the Sidebar. Here, I chosen the second box, Text. It has brought up the Configure Text Box, where the content can be edited. Remove the picture by clicking on it. It will bring up a box:

Choose to Remove the current picture. Then another can be inserted, usingInsert > Image.
 Choose the size and align the picture. You can also choose to wrap text around the picture (not recommended in the Sidebar).

You can also edit the text using the Text Editing toolbar.

Once done,  click OK, and then Save changes in the top left of the page. Return to site and your changes should be there.