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Poll Everywhere

Know what your students are thinking and learning right now. Bringing interactive social assessment to every classroom is now possible and affordable. Using Poll Everywhere in your school or university, you can increase teaching effectiveness without breaking the bank.

Why use Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is the affordable student response system for any classroom.
  • Increase classroom participation and attentiveness
  • Encourage risk-taking with anonymous student responses
  • Elicit diverse opinions when there isn't a correct answer
  • Expose social misconceptions
  • Gauge student comprehension of material immediately
  • Grab students with thought-provoking opening questions
  • Allow students to provide instructor feedback
  • Automate taking attendance
  • Assess last night's reading with a quick quiz
  • Strengthen retention
  • Utilize its capabilities outside the classroom for professional development, student-run presentations, talent shows, battle of the bands, company presentations, student government, or community forums.

Poll Everywhere is free for classes with up to 32 students per section. 

Educator's Guide to Poll Everywhere