Buying Domains

A domain name is the address you type into the window at the top of your browser. If you accessed this site by typing in "", the "" part is my domain. 

You will notice when you type this in that the browser forwards you to my Google Site - which has the address It doesn't have quite the same ring to it and it is often difficult for students to remember. My teacher site has the domain "" and is much easier for both my students and parents to remember. My goal in promoting my teacher site is to increase accountability with my students and encourage parents to be involved and informed with their children's learning. I post all homework and handouts on the site so even students that are away are expected to check the site daily for any missed work.

On average a domain name can cost you anywhere from $6 - $15 per year. There are more providers than you can imagine but some I would recommend are: (most popular) (recommended for simplicity) (cheapest but most complicated)

Once you have your domain purchased - you merely have to forward your domain (easy to do in the setup) to your Google account and your students will have easy access to your site.

In more advanced scenarios and if you have a hosting package, you can configure a personalized e-mail address like ""
If you would like to learn more about how to map your domain name so that when you type in or whatever it is you choose for a URL see this Domain Mapping document from Google.