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1. Create Account

Step 1 - Create an Account
If you have chosen to forego the paper handout, you can access the PDF version here.
You must first create a Google Sites account.
If you already have a GMAIL account, a YOUTUBE account, or a Google DOCS account, you can use this e-mail/password combination and it will work.
If you do not - you can use any e-mail / password but you must use an e-mail that you can access remotely (like a webmail variety Hotmail, Yahoo, Shaw, Telus etc.)
*SD43 e-mail addresses will work but have a tendency to be very slow as various filters are in place and that can slow down mail delivery significantly.
Make sure you follow all the steps. You will be asked to check your e-mail to click on an activation link. You are then ready to begin creating your site.
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Creating your Google Site