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Since 2005, Edublogs has been hosting blogs and providing custom blogging platforms to individual teachers, school districts and hundreds of thousands of students. We’ve grown to become the largest, most trusted, best supported and widely used way for teachers and students to engage with the world of blogging.

Why blog in schools?

Blogs strike the perfect balance of providing information anytime and anywhere, social networking and interaction, and the ability to openly share thoughts and achievements.

One popular way to use an Edublog is to make regular updates about assignments, events, and anything going on in class.

Blogs like these keep students and parents informed and extend the classroom to any place with access to the web. Students love to blog too, and doing so can engage students in their learning and extend collaboration with classmates and even people all over the world!

Edublogs are great for group projects, ePortfolios, school newspapers, reflection journals, class websites, and much more!

For even more ideas, click on the image on the right or the link here for our top 10 ways to use Edublogs to teach!

Starting your own Edublog