1 Hour Websites

Web 2.0 Presentation - November 12, 2013 - Access our class handout here

Intro to Google Sites

Practice Website

We have created a practice Google Site that you can try. If you sent me your e-mail via our survey link then you should have access.

Educ 893 Practice Google Site

How to navigate this website:

1. Scan through some examples of Google Sites below

2. Click on the CoP Theory link on the left menu - scan through our research and view some of our examples. Decide for yourself whether these examples are valid. Discussion will follow.

3. Click on the Web 2.0 link on the left and see various examples of Web 2.0 plugins and features that Google Sites support

Examples of BC Google Sites:

Other examples:

Google Sites in relation to CoP theory

Google Sites can serve as a free information hub for community members. Resources can be shared, documents can be uploaded and collaborated on. The integration with Google Docs is a real bonus as that platform is ideally suited to collaboration.

In terms of truly embodying a Web 2.0 tool, Google Sites itself is better used to organize and disseminate information rather than to encourage and engage 2-way discussions. That being said it's a great way to organize lessons outside of class time to prepare students or community members for face-to-face interactions when the group meets in-person.

Google Sites alone do not create a community of practice yet they can be used to facilitate a CoP.

CoP Site Examples:

SFU French Club (Google Group)

Subpages (2): About Example Sites