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This is my first 1hollowman Blog ... "Hello world" ... and yada, yada, yada. LOL!

Anyway, let's have some fun ...

DIYHIFI recently folded , called it quits (see Oct 11, 2011 browser-screen capture below), and then ... PRESTO ... was re-opened (under new management) by (I believe) Elso ...  seems no one has interest in maintaining that place any more. Let's kick 'em around a bit and have Mr. Darwin take command...

What was and is:

  • a procrastinated (11-plus-year) experiment;
  • a project begun for mostly unintelligent and immature/childish reasons ... incl. a place to vent diatribes and ridicule audiophiles, DIY newbies, and other forums such as (& especially) (a forum many project renegades were banned from. See below);
  • a populace of inflated egos, superiority complexes, Ubermench pathologies, and holier-than-thou psychologies.
  • a self-contained volume of internal turmoil (= politics);
  • heavy membership of high-$ audiophile-product industry leaders (= antiquated archeological relics) fishing for free ideas (I posted on diyhifi that despite the "DIY" in the domain name, "" is mostly an audiophile-industry-serving good ol' boyz club. E.g.);
  • prominent membership of for-profit modders, kit offerers, and mom-and-pop/in-house-style "unique" product offerers. e.g., Jocko's short-lived class-D amps
  • scope of discussions limited to narrow range of equipment categories -- e.g.,  class-D amps, Red-Book CD players, and lightweight modifications to certain digital gear (CDPs and D/A processors). No real/substantial discussion of important/newer/better technologies such as computer audio, portable digital-audio electronics, loudspeakers and headphones, etc.
  • and, qty-wise not a lot of posts (esp. given 8 long years) -- IOW, the forum/"concept" never really "took off".
Then the above-mentioned internal turmoil began catching up ... 
Jocko Homo (founder of that place, and its chief Mod) announced, Feb 2010, quite prosaically, "I Quit". And his successor, Carlos MF (aka "Carlos the Jack-Off"), threw in the towel in Oct. 2011 (the forum also had a 'To Be Closed Soon' notice on it for a few weeks, in Oct/Nov. 2011 I think, but the forum seems to have been resuscitated
, temporarily anyway, by none other than Elso Masterwhack Kwack.

[[FYI: Jocko -- and several other former (aka DIYA) members (including Carlos MF and Elso Masterwhack Kwack) were JUSTIFIABLY banned from DIYA, a few years back, for important reasons. More on that below ....]]

I got banned from ... and ... quoting Katy Perry, "...I liked it".

I was promoted to that honorary statusin summer 2010, by the illustrious and supreme ... Carlos MF, Jocko Homo neanderthalensis and Elso Masterwhack Kwack.  Here's how the beginning of the end began ... And it was a glorious, didactic and enlightening experience. The inability to post or participate on that forum -- for what THAT's worth -- is unimportant. That's what makes the Internet great -- if others have issues with one version of you ... no problem ... just 2.0 yourself ... i.e., create a new username, use a diff. email address or IP Proxy ;) Indeed, the challenge to re-invent and re-ident is, IMO, often way more fun than interacting with certain (=boring, dull, inside-the-box-thinking) forums or groups! Yes sir-ee Bob, I'd become bored with that group-think clan ... so much so that I thought I'd push the mods' envelopes a bit ... and they bit back, but like a primitive knee-jerk-responsive animal. BORING. Yawn.... Some of the forum members seemed to be entertained by the drama ... but the mods reacted emotionally. BORING. Yawn.... The best thing to do with an iTroll (i.e., intelligent troller, like yours truly ;) is to keep him/her around -- maybe limit some of their posting options -- and STUDY (= learn from) that indiv. On a serious, heavy-traffic forum, this may not be practical ... but in relatively inactive forums, you need a little spice. IAC, none of my arguments posted (even in the end days) were off-topic or inaccurate: e.g., my charge that diyhifi has fewer genuine DIYers (those that don't $$ profit from their hobby) than is not inaccurate.

One cannot think much of that clan as a collective intelligence -- as you may have guessed from the intonations of this blog ;) So, not being able to participate -- as "hollow_man" anyway ;) -- was a total non-issue. Also, I'd built up my electronics skills up to a point where I felt I no longer needed input from others in that zoo -- even those with much more experience. If one does run into technical obstacles, there are plenty of other Internet resources to tap.

Some more off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts:

  • DIYhiphilia: A debilitating "Locked-in Syndrome" caused by years of inside-the-box thinking and upheld by overbearing micro-moderation and antiquated "Terms-of-Service" contractuality. It is this pathology -- as will be explained in an upcoming analysis -- which actually may have led to audio-engineering stagnation.
  • Unrealistic projected/perceived importance of content posted on (and most other discussion forums/eBBS/Internet groups/mailing lists): These groups are, first and foremost, sociological groups ... "clubs". While some, like, may be legitimate non-profits, they are not a recognized scientific body or research organization. is, above all -- and like most forums, eBBS and "message boards" -- a portal or medium for human socialization ... and, in the specific case of diyhifi, good ol' boyz fraternization.

I'll post more of these SNL-style "Deep Thoughts" shortly ;)

... In the meantime ... The bottom-line lesson learned from my experience at that place (as well as why those guys were banned from [and, meguesses, many other forums]) was not so much for their attitude or propensity to offend/intimidate/play God (frankly, if one is offended/intimidated by anyone exhibiting these pathologies and complexes, the problem is psychologically the offendee's and not the proclaimed offender!). 
No ... the MAIN problem with Jocko and Carlos, et. al., is that
 their technical "advice" -- although they push it off like it's holy, accurate and the expertly-written final word on the topic --  is just plain sloppy or scientifically WRONG ... i.e.,  schemas that make no topological sense, and/or 
designs that don't work as claimed (e.g., Jocko's I/V) and/or projects that underperform (=sound like $*%! ... e.g., Carlos' chip-amp, which is garbage). 

In my ignorant "DIY newbie days", I spent a lot of unrecoverable time trying to get some of their stuff to work, was frustrated ... and ultimately found much better solutions elsewhere. When I confronted the renegades about the accuracy of their high-and-mighty (and bad) advice, I was sequestered and, ultimately, banned.


Browser screen capture of Oct 11, 2011:



More to be posted soon ...