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Notebook Files

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Math                                    Language Arts                        Other

Patterns                                                     Story Map                                                        Welcome

100's Chart                                                Fact & Fantasy                                                Special Person

Number Line                                              Nouns- Favorite Things                                 Backgrounds

Unifix Cubes                                             Adding -s and -ing                                         Tooth Graph

Coins                                                         Soccer Web

Place Value Mat/Base Ten Blocks               Sentences-word order

Plane Shapes                                             Contractions

Least to Greatest                                       The 5 W's

Writing Addition Number Sent.                 Ending Blends

Fact Families                                            Common/Proper Nouns

Choose an Operation                                Making Words

Goldfish Counting (goes with printable)

Potatoes in a Pot (goes with printable)

Hickory Dickory Dock- time



If you give a mouse a cookie 


Coins with same value 



Math                                    Science    

 Piggy Math                                                Life Science     Life Science2

 Greater & Less Than                                  Earth Science   Earth Science2

                                                                  Physical Science