Driveway paving FAQ


 What is the excavation depth for a driveway?

Answer: 250 millimetres (10 inches)


 How much stone is provided for the driveway foundation?

Answer: 150 millimetres (6 inches)


 What will the blocks be laid on?

Answer: The blocks will be laid on coarse sand with good aggregates to prevent sinking, this will be laid on a 40 millimetre spread.


 How is the stone and the blocks compacted?

Answer: We use a vibrating base plate to consolidate stone, sand and blocks etc.


 What thickness of block is recommended?

Answer: We use 50 millimetres for patios and 60 millimetre blocks when parking vehicles on.


 How do you stop the driveway from moving or spreading?

Answer: We install kerb edgings on a good strong concrete.


 What do you use to seal the blocks & stop them from moving?

Answer: We use kiln sand which interlocks the paving.


 Does my new driveway come with a guarantee?

Answer: Yes, at Hardtop paving and landscapes all of our driveways come with a 10 year guarantee which covers subsidence.


 How long do I have to wait before I can drive on my new driveway?

Answer: You can drive on your driveway straight away unless advised otherwise.


 What is permeable paving?

Answer: Permeable paving is a wider form of block paving that creates wider spaces between blocks to allow surface water to soak through.

 Can you work in any weather condition?

Answer: We are able to work the majority of weather conditions as long as the rain is not too heavy.