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Here you will find an introduction and the purpose of this website.

My current research interests include ESL - English as a Second Language and e-learning for people from CALD culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, CALL - computer aided language learning, IBLI - Internet based language instruction and blended learning




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Welcome to 1english1 a website dedicated to my learning journey as an English as a Second Language/ Literacy teacher working towards integrating new technology into language and literacy teaching.

My name is James Warren. I am Australian living in Brisbane and I have been teaching English as a Second language for five years the traditional way with a small amount of Computer Assisted Language Learning. In the last few years there has been a noticeable increase in quality internet content for language learning and teaching, as well as an increase in bandwidth and computer performance as well as a positive community attitude shift in the use of computers in education. I have been using computers and the internet as aids to teach English as a second language since I started teaching but until now I have been a passive internet user, using other people's web-resources. However the time has come to get active and start creating my own internet content and begin to publish my own  websites for my students  to use. 

My  current research interest is in the application of e-learning to low level adult language, literacy and numeracy students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. In order to ensure I get a good understanding of not only the theoretical but also practical knowledge, I am also undertaking a vocational course at Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, TAADEL501B Facilitate e-learning.  

For my underpinning theoretical knowledge I am also studying towards a Master of TESOL from the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.This website is to meet the assessment requirements of the subject LIN8016 Internet Based Language Instruction.

This assessment comprises the following items:


·         A self-introduction (about 300-400 words of an introductory page containing your educational background, teaching philosophy and research interests).


·         A review of the current literature on one aspect of the use of the Internet for language teaching purposes, which includes at least 7 articles, papers, etc. available on the Internet and/or in print (about 1200-1500 words of an academic paper following the APA style.


·         An IBLI lesson plan (a structured presentation of lesson contents and procedures using a lesson planner together with your own justification)


·         An annotated list of useful Web-based language learning activities/tasks (brief descriptions of at least five activities/tasks with titles, hyper-linked URLs and key reasons for your choice or creation)

·         An annotated list of useful Web sites for language teacher development (brief descriptions of at least five Web sites with titles, hyper-linked URLs and key reasons for your choice or creation)


·         A reflective journal (about 300-400 words in which you reflect upon the course contents, online discussions and your experience in using the Internet).

Create and publish a Web site to display your portfolio. Each of the above items should be clearly identified and linked from a table of contents. Take advantage of the electronic format by including hypermedia links to multimedia material both within and outside your Web pages if possible.