Modern Engagement Rings

Examples of modern engagement ring styles and popular designs

Contemporary rings are made from wide range of materials. Some are cheap and easy to get, some are rare and expensive. The precious and semi precious stones make an important component of rings and together with the base metal of the setting, bring up charm, love, adornment in today’s world. The primary materials for jewel makers are precious, expensive and rare metals: platinum, gold, silver, titanium, copper and various mixtures of metals called alloys.

Platinum is a precious, durable and strong metal, was discovered in 18th century, and is extensively used in jewelry. Is a rare metal and of course is the most expensive one. For use in jewelry is mixed with metals like palladium or iridium in small percentage. Quality markings for platinum are based on parts per thousand. Platinum 900 is often used for quality jewelry pieces especially for high end engagement rings.

Gold was used in jewelry for millenniums, is the most attractive of all metals, doesn’t corrode and lasts forever. It is usually white or yellow, but also there is well known Russian red gold. Gold, mixed in different percentage with other metals, can be blue, pink, and green. The pure gold is qualified 24K is match to soft for most jewelry applications. For gold to become harder certain amounts of metals such as copper, silver or nickel are added. That will obtain popular used in jewelry 18K gold and 14K gold. Throughout the world the minimum carat standard is different, for example in Canada and England is only 9K, in Italy and France is 18K, in US the minimum standard is over 10K.

Silver was used for jewelry since the Bronze Age. Silvers malleability and ductility also easy to find made it ideal for people to use it in ornamental purposes from even prehistorically times. Pure silver is usually mixed with other metals. Silver has a white sheen and tarnishes after exposure to air, it oxidizes. In our days there are many variations of silver, depending of how many parts of pure silver it contains from one thousand parts. The most often is used silver 925, what means 92.5% silver. Silver 800, 80% silver is used primarily for casting purposes.

Titanium is the most recant material used in jewelry, specifically in ring making. There are various titanium grades, like aircraft Ti-6/4, extra hard Ti-6/6/2, commercial pure titanium Ti-999. This metal has the highest strength, the lowest weight, is neutral to human body, and does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. The rings made from titanium usually are white color just like white gold, they a lot lighter then platinum rings, they more durable than any other rings. Titanium rings mostly come with tension settings for diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and other gemstones. A large variety of titanium diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands are in demand this days and becoming popular all over the world. Because of low weight, nice look, easy to clean, titanium rings are very practicable and can be wearied in every day base

Diamond rings are usually made of gold, platinum, silver, titanium and of course, they’re ornate with diamonds, which is the most important part of their accomplishment. Diamonds present the ultimate adornment for men in contemporary time. The ability of diamonds to sparkle on light and sunlight, the durability, making them to last forever, the beauty of their look, built up the cense of perfection in people’s minds and people associate diamonds with best fillings; like love, charm, adornment, trust, commitment. Diamonds in beautiful diamond mountings makes all these fillings even stronger, as a diamond ring accentuate, points to an event as an engagement proposal, a wedding or an anniversary celebration, a birthday date or simple an expression of respect and love to someone