Future Writing

Monday, 15th November 2010, 22:01

Like the plane of an origami, one could go forward another step, another fold, but trying to retrace one steps familiar things will disappear. Helene travelling from one road to another, never ending, and no beginning, yet to where and why? Is there any purpose or point, how much should she learn from her surrounding, and how are each locations related? Fantasy, mystery, tbc.

Thursday, 4th February 2010, 16:35

Thousand Blossoms Sky ~ 16 years old Elizabeth grew up in love and laughter. A duel ended those happiness and she, her younger brother and their new born nephew journey to the Captial to seek refuge with some long distance family. The trial was more than she prepared, but blessedly, Darcy found her on his way home, and permitted Elizabeth and her family to stay at his house. She concealed her identity and live as a servant. Life was peaceful for some two years, until Darcy made her his consort.

Bingley returned unexpectedly, with him he indirectly brought along Elizabeth's enemy, Wickham. Martial Art, Middle Kingdom, Sword Hero, MA.


Tuesday, 5th January 2010, 09.55

Skyria ~ Sara destine to restore balance to her land and bring peace to people beyond her kingdom. Anya believes she crazy talking to a rock. Jay curse the day Sara enter his life. Benji in for a wake up call and found that his childhood mistake has return to haunt him. Dano weary with all his duties and wish to escape as his niece has done. Rayo lives for the sea, until he met Casi. PG, genre children adventure, mythical fantasy, and magic.


Winter 2008
Shade of Longbourn ~ Darcy left for Pemberley after the Netherfield Ball. Elizabeth married William Cardy after Twelfth Night on route to American. Nineteen years later, Darcy met her son. Elizabeth returned to England after nearly twenty-five years, when believing Mr Bennet near his death bed. Medium Angst.

Resentment & Wilfulness ~ Mrs Darcy ran away after three months their marriage, Elizabeth Bennet compromised by Sir Edmund’s successor, and Liam Cydra found the sea to be a journey of self discovery and forgiveness. High Angst.

Untitled ~ Darcy meet up with Elizabeth in London after the Netherfield Ball, and found her in the least expected place. Hopefully a comedy, and E&D will be eloping, sorta. PG