Modern Diamond Rings

A brief introduction to modern diamond ring designs

Rings are circular bands made from gold, platinum, silver, titanium and from some other hard materials. Rings are designed to wear around fingers for special occasions. Also, people wear rings as ornaments. Rings can be plane and engraved, or mounted with hard stones. A modern ring will consist of a precious base metal and of one diamond or many diamonds combined with other gemstones. Historically, people use, metals like gold, silver, platinum. These metals are expensive, durable, last for generations, always remained fashion, and at any old or new time are in demand. At present time and back for about few dozens years gold, platinum and silver rings became even more valuable due to engraved and mounted precious stones. The all times stones on rings are diamonds and gemstones. Diamonds are the most valuable representative of gemstones. The value of a diamond as well as of a gemstone is made by the beauty of stone itself, the rarity of stone, the hardness of stone, the toughness of stone, the quality of cut and polish of stone. Diamond is the hardest natural stone, it will scratch any material and no one scratches a diamond. Diamond is always cold because easily conducts heat, this makes it possible for people to differ a true diamond from an imitated one. Diamond is characterized by brilliance and fire. Brilliance is the light what falls on a diamond, passes through and returns to our eyes, brilliance is also the ability of diamond to sparkle. Fire of a diamond is when it splits white light into rainbow colors. The brilliance and fire of diamonds make the beauty of diamonds, and these are the main reasons, why people love diamonds. Most diamonds are colorless, but often can be yellow and even red, blue, green, brown, black. To the brilliancy and beauty of diamonds it adds the quality of cut and polish. A well cut diamond will have a large number of facets, 58 and more. To price a diamond one needs to consider the color, clarity, carat weight and the cut quality of the stone. The other gemstones are priced for some the same qualities as diamonds and for the beauty of their colors. Together the precious metals, diamonds and gemstones make the most beautiful rings, they are - diamond rings. In present time and already for decades, diamond rings are part of all kind of celebrations. Diamond rings are perfect engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, birthday rings and simple presents for any occasion. It became very popular these days, the multi stones diamond rings. A multi stones ring will include a centre piece diamond and shoulder diamonds or gemstones, but also in practice are varieties of a rich colored center stone and diamonds or gemstones on shoulders. The rings with multiple diamonds and gemstones open the opportunity for people to create the own ring versions and combinations, based on particular test and fashion. Such jewelry can easily match garments, anniversaries events, like birthdays, weddings and other occasions. Also a multi stones ring can combine the healing power of some stones. To often couples are practicing to have multi stones rings sets for different events and occasions. With all together meanings, with all magnificence and beauty, the diamond rings became an indication of society wealth, diamond rings and all precious jewelry became a wide investment area. Jewelry investments are easy survival in war and economic disturbance times.