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PLEASE NOTE that this is the FAQ specifically for the paid version. It deals with the extra options available on the Meta Screen.
There is another FAQ for the unpaid version; which deals with common features.

If you think that you have a valid question, then send it to me.
Please give me as much relevant detail as possible, so that I can give it proper thought.
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Paid Water Meter Billing Billing My most recent bill shows a standing charge 3p(ish... it can be more) higher than on the app The app is correct and your bill is wrong If this is a leap year [divisible by 4] and if your billing year includes the leap day your charge is calculated accordingly Annual Standing charges apply to the whole year: all 365/366 days. Quarterly charges pro rata 
Paid Water Meter Billing Billing What do the Comparison indicators show me? Average volume consumption per day and average gross cost per unit volume The former shows whether this is a heavy or light use bill. The latter shows the overall cost. The top indicators are for Supply and Waste, added together. 
Paid Water Meter Billing Billing - Charges for the previous year I cannot find these charges on my bill For a Split period bill, the charges will be needed for both current and previous year. Sadly these charges are not always on the bill, on the front or the rear of the bill! In which case you will have to get them from a previous bill/ your retained bills/ or from the supplier. In the event - it may be quicker to estimate the charges and see what totals are calculated; adjust accordingly. 
Paid Water Meter Billing Configuration Charge Type Change to per Annum, Quarter, Bill, or Day Use NONE to remove the whole charge completely Changes are reflected in the total Bill screen 
Paid Water Meter Billing Configuration Does this configuration affect all bills No - it is at the bill level only and stored with this bill Configurations are remembered whether displayed or not Use the +/- buttons to display configurations 
Paid Water Meter Billing Configuration Headers These can be shortened or removed The numbers still appear if [only] the heading is removed  
Paid Water Meter Billing Configuration What can I do with this Configure the 1 Supply Charge and the 3 Waste Charges These can be altered or removed completely Alteration is reflected in the total Bill screen 
Paid Water Meter Billing Dates I enter a Split Date year but it does not register The Split Date year is calculated according to the billing dates, for you Do not worry about the year used, for normal billing purposes If you want to retain the Split Date year, use the Retain toggle. See "Why Retain split dates" 
Paid Water Meter Billing Dates Why Retain split dates To stop automatic split calculation E.g. to have the split outside the billing period altogether Most useful if there are no tariff changes 
Paid Water Meter Billing Dates Why would I input Split Dates in Meta They are easier to change and monitor here If the dates are NOT Retained then the associated year may change to suit the bill period They should NOT be Retained for normal billing 
Paid Water Meter Billing General Why does the app start up with numbers already there? These are there to show the basic requirements Obviously they will be changed to suit Restoring one of your saved bills will overwrite these defaults 
Paid Water Meter Billing General Why do I want the paid version You need it to keep your billing data and to project billing variations. In particular you will need to keep charges from the previous year. Save/Restore will keep your inputs and Advance/Increase will estimate future bill variations Charges can be completely configured to suit individual bills 
Paid Water Meter Billing Meta What are the Retain toggles for Retained fields cannot be changed in other screens   
Paid Water Meter Billing Meta What does the Advance button do Input a number of months e.g. 6, -6 and the dates will change for the bill The associated costs do NOT change Changes to costs are a difficult area. A simple approach to adding cost is to use the Increase button 
Paid Water Meter Billing Meta What does the Increase button do Input a number in percentage terms, e.g. 75, -33 and the consumption will change for the bill Obviously where we are decreasing consumption, there is a limit of 0 1 additional person could increase consumption by 100% or more! 
Paid Water Meter Billing  Meta What is the "Expand to Year" button for? This scales the bill to a complete year, which can be instructive. Bear in mind that the costs are not updated for you There is no shaping of the consumption involved [Summer/Winter differences] 
Paid Water Meter Billing Restore bill All my bills look the same to me in the All Bills menu Use long press to edit or delete individual bills Use short press to view or confirm details All Bills menu has a DELETE ALL button which appears if you press options 
Paid Water Meter Billing Roll Over What is meter Roll Over about After reaching 99999.99 your meter will read 00012.48 say This will show as an error for reverse readings UNLESS you input 5 SigDig SigDig or Significant Digits are the numbers above the . and usually 5 [See the Logo] 
Paid Water Meter Billing Save bill Can I input details into both label fields Yes help yourself - the basic details are already there The top label cannot be blank Something particular to this bill is helpful "Pipe burst!!" 
Paid Water Meter Billing Save bill I cannot input data into the Confirm screen This is NOT the Save process You are in the Restore process which does not allow input  
Paid Water Meter Billing Save bill What details should I input into the Confirm screen Anything which makes it more memorable Basic bill - Increased bill - Shower fitted - Future estimate You could just leave the defaults - labels can be edited later 
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