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This is the skeleton layout for the free app headings
The Android OS is clever in that it will allow simple language changes for an app, via this skeleton.
Look at the highlighted items on the screen on the right. These are the headings for the en (English) version.

So if anyone wishes to supply translations of these items [to their own language], please do so.
I will quickly implement them and credit you as the supplier on the Info screen (see YOUR NAME below).

Example (Only translate the last section):-
 <string name="tusage"> = $</string>    (USA version)
 <string name="tusage"> = </string>     (European default)
 <string name="tusage"> = £</string>    (English version)

 <string name="days">days</string>    (English version)
 <string name="days">jours</string>    (French version)
 <string name="days">tage</string>    (German version)

    <string-array name="infotopics">
        <item>Getting Started</item>
        <item>Web help</item>
    <string-array name="infochild0">
        <item>The process starts with your bill(s) in front of you</item>
        <item>You may also need to have other bits of billing information to hand, or on the web</item>

Skeleton - Headings

    <string name="supply">Supply</string>
    <string name="waste">Waste</string>
    <string name="bill">Bill</string>
    <string name="meta">Meta</string>
    <string name="calapps">Info</string>
    <string name="reading_date">Reading Date</string>
    <string name="reading_date1">11-1-11</string>
    <string name="previous_date">Previous Date</string>
    <string name="previous_date1">22-2-22</string>
    <string name="display_usage">222 days - 2.2m³</string>
    <string name="usage">Volume= </string>
    <string name="cubic_meters">m³</string>
    <string name="days">days</string>
    <string name="inclusive_days">INCL.DAYS</string>
    <string name="bill_inclusive">Billing Days are INCLUSIVE</string>
    <string name="not_inclusive">NOT INCL.</string>
    <string name="bill_notinclusive">Billing Days are NOT INCLUSIVE</string>
    <string name="unit_charge">Cents /m³</string>
    <string name="standing_charge">(€)p.a. Std Chg</string>
    <string name="split_date">Split Date</string>
    <string name="split_date1">44-4-44</string>
    <string name="split">SPLIT</string>
    <string name="split_shown">Split Shown</string>
    <string name="split_notshown">Split Hidden</string>
    <string name="tcharges">Charges</string>
    <string name="tusage"> = €</string>
    <string name="tstanding">Standing= €</string>
    <string name="tsurface">Surface= €</string>
    <string name="thighway">Highway= €</string>
    <string name="ttotals">SaT=0 TOTAL= €</string>
    <string name="vatrate">SaT% </string>
    <string name="tvat">SaT= €</string>
    <string name="ttotal">TOTAL= €</string>
    <string name="readings_reverse">The Readings are Reverse</string>
    <string name="dates_reverse">The Dates are Reverse</string>
    <string name="surface_charge">(€)p.a. Surface</string>
    <string name="highway_charge">(€)p.a. Highway</string>
    <string name="wasterate">% Supply to Waste</string>
    <string name="rehash">recalc</string>
    <string name="rehashed1">Calculated</string>
    <string name="rehashed2">All results are re-calculated</string>
    <string name="retain">retain</string>
    <string name="advance">advance</string>
    <string name="retard">retard</string>
    <string name="save">save</string>
    <string name="restore">restore</string>
    <string name="visible">visible</string>
    <string name="invisible">SaT fields are now INvisible</string>
    <string name="removev">Remove SaT fields from view</string>
    <string name="notzero">These fields are NOT Zero</string>
    <string name="nota">Options below are only available in the paid version</string>
    <string name="saveor">Save or Restore a Bill</string>
    <string name="advancer">Advance/Retard Bill 6 months</string>
    <string name="sdretained">These split dates are Retained</string>
    <string name="pcwretained">Percent wastage is Retained</string>
    <string name="pcvretained">These SaT rates are Retained</string>
    <string name="sdefault">Returned to default setting</string>
    <string name="expandable_list_sample_menu">Item Menu</string>
    <string name="expandable_list_sample_action">Sample action [info]</string>
    <string name="increaser">Increase water usage by</string>
    <string name="percent">%</string>

Skeleton - Information Topics.
(This section is not so important)
    <string-array name="infotopics">
        <item>Getting Started</item>
        <item>Web help</item>
    <string-array name="infochild0">
        <item>Many thanks to YOUR NAME for the translations</item>
        <item>The process starts with your bill(s) in front of you</item>
        <item>You may also need to have other bits of billing information to hand, or on the web</item>
        <item>Transfer dates and readings to the supply screen</item>
        <item>Transfer charges information and check the (tariff) split dates, if relevant</item>
        <item>Continue with the Waste billing information or go straight to Bill</item>
        <item>Some companies combine the standing charges; leave unused ones 0.0</item>
        <item>If the final bill does not look correct please check the input costs etc.</item>
        <item>Also check the inclusive toggle (Supply) and the calculate toggle (Bill)</item>
        <item>Leave this app active [use Home] to retain settings. Or use the paid version!</item>
    <string-array name="infochild1">
        <item>Further help is available online at 1bill2many.co.uk</item>
        <item>Please be patient with the new site</item>
        <item>Be aware that replies may take some time</item>
        <item>Please look at the FAQ</item>
    <string-array name="infochild2">
        <item>The process always starts here because waste is not read for separately</item>
        <item>Check that all inputs are correct (remember GIGO)</item>
        <item>Check that the split date is correct</item>
        <item>Ensure that previous tariffs are correct, if relevant</item>
        <item>The number of billing days must agree with the number on your bill</item>
        <item>Use the Inclusive toggle to alter the days if necessary</item>
    <string-array name="infochild3">
        <item>Waste is a function of the Supply readings at 90-100%</item>
        <item>Check that all inputs are correct</item>
        <item>Some companies combine the standing charges; leave unused ones 0.0</item>
        <item>The split date may be different to that of Supply</item>
        <item>Ensure that previous tariffs are correct, if relevant</item>
        <item>The number of billing days must agree with the number on your bill</item>
        <item>Use the Supply Inclusive toggle if necessary</item>
    <string-array name="infochild4">
        <item>It is sometimes necessary to press the calculate button</item>
        <item>If it shows green then the calculation is already done</item>
        <item>If there are tariff changes (split dates) then 2 columns are visible</item>
        <item>In the latter case days and volume are shown previous/current</item>
    <string-array name="infochild5">
        <item>There is only one option available in the unpaid version</item>
        <item >SaT fields can be removed from view IF they are Zero</item>
        <item>The paid version will allow you to store bills and data</item>
        <item>"Amongst other things this retains billing information, so you won't have to re-input"</item>
        <item>Advance/Retard of bills will move relevant data six months at a time</item>
        <item>Water usage can be increased (or decreased) by the % input</item>
    <string-array name="infochild6">
        <item>Water meter bills are the most complicated of utility bills</item>
        <item>They are not always correct - particularly on a tariff split bill</item>
        <item>This is a simple way to check them and estimate higher consumption bills</item>