This is an Android app, which checks your water meter bill.
There is a free and a paid version.
The WaterMeterBill9 page contains details about what is exclusive to the paid version.

Versions and Layouts
This app should work on all Android releases from 2.2 upwards.
If the screen is getting too crowded, try the landscape layout.
It is an English app which defaults to €, unless en-rUS/CA/AU ($) or en (£) is chosen as the layout.
North American date layouts are accommodated.

There is a special WMB8Skeleton page which shows the default headings.
Absolutely anyone is very welcome to supply translations for this skeleton, which I will then implement and release to the Android Market free version.

Getting Started
  • See the Supply screen print on the right.
  • The process starts with your bill(s) in front of you for the correct input data.
  • Transfer dates and readings to the supply screen.
  • Ignore the VAT (or Sales Tax) value unless it is charged.
  • Check that number of days agrees with the bill; you may have to use the "inclusive" toggle.
  • Check the Split Date and the charges.
  • If the bill is split you will need two sets of charges. Copy the [retained] charges from current year to the previous year and update the current charges. If you have no retained charges they should be available from the supplier.

  • See the Waste screen print on the right.
  • This is not usually read separately, it is a function of the Supply.
  •  Check that all inputs are correct, particularly the % Supply to Waste figure.
  • Some companies combine the standing charges; leave unused ones 0.0. The split date may be different to that of Supply.
  • The number of billing days must agree with the number on your bill.
  • Ignore the VAT value unless it is charged.

  • See the Bill screen print on the right.
  • It is sometimes necessary to press the calculate button.
  • If it shows green then the calculation is already done.
  • If there are tariff changes (split dates) then 2 columns are visible.
  • In the latter case days and volume are shown previous/current, i.e. "16/167" and 4.46/46.54m³ etc.
  • VAT is shown if applicable.

  • See the Meta screen print on the right.
  • Only the top option(s), above the green text are available in the unpaid version.
  • VAT fields can be removed from view IF they are Zero.
  • Allowance can be made for meter reading roll over. Just input the number of significant digits that the meter shows (normally 5). Please make sure that the number entered registers (and it is briefly displayed).
  • The paid version will allow you to store bills and data, amongst other things. So remember to use the Home key instead of Return to retain your inputs.

  • This screen contains the literal version of this help page.
  • Select whichever topic you want when you are off-line and cannot get to this website!
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