There used to be a Small Ad Viewer [or Threapviewer] but this is superseded by the Maker app being used to view visual/audio items previously created by the Maker, on an Android device.

Please see the Maker for details of making the Small Ad.

Examples (for Android users):-
Download the Maker first, on the left side. Tableteers may need to select the Direct Download option. Later versions of Android may also need a File Manager app to access the downloaded file correctly.

Small Ad

Quiz item Dinosaur

Silly quiz for Australia




Normal items such as pictures, audio, text etc. are handled within the app. More complicated items such as videos, PDFs, spreadsheets etc. have to be handled by associated applications – which need to be resident on the device.

Certain short URL's are designed to be used with a browser and are therefore handled indirectly by a browser! It is sometimes possible to get the direct URL to the item concerned, which may be better.

Use the [extra] menu key to access important processes, such as CANCEL Process, CANCEL AUDIO, RETRY ITEM Download and RETRY AUDIO Download.

Here is a typical Tablet view, with a red arrow to the menu button.

Item 1 complete with heading and text, which scrolls.
There is the facility to change the entry item.
Audio is also available if necessary.

The (extra) menu button adds more options.

The Info screen allows more links and contacts etc.
This screenshot is from the maker BTW.