I call it a Threap...
but it is best referred to as a Small Ad, displayed and viewed by the Maker app.
The Small Ad is constructed from a series of URL's assembled into a modified text file. This file has the extension .3.txt, is visible in your storage area and is constructed using the Maker app.

Once you have constructed and saved [or exported] your Ad to cloud storage [and you have published all relevant items to make them available], you can give out the relevant Ad URL to all your friends, customers, NFC clients etc. Alternatively you can show it on your website, or put it in a QR code.
All viewers have to do is download the free Maker from Google Play [once] and then be suitably impressed by your Small Ad, downloaded and viewed. Later versions of Android may also require a file manager app, to correctly access the downloaded Ad (because the resident Downloads viewer will only display it as text).
[Tableteers may need to select the Direct Download option].

For examples see the viewing page.

What you need:-

Email address of your target audience, or a website.

Alternatively - access to smartphones via NFC or 2D bar-codes.

Imagination to create your own visual items and group them.

Access to cloud storage capable of downloading the initial file to Android – I use Dropbox in my examples. The Dropbox URLs will need a final download modification; the "www" becomes "dl" and there is a suffix of "?dl=1" see this page.

[Google Drive may have a problem downloading the initial file to Android but can store linked items].

Android device, 2.2 upwards.

A file manager app, if not already installed (there are free ones available).

For tablets, a knowledge of where the menu key is; see the images over on the right.

What they need:-

Android device, 2.2 upwards.

A download of the maker (for viewing) and possibly a free file manager app, to select the downloads.

Network coverage.

Tablets may require a file manager to access the downloaded ad file.


Over here on the right is where the Menu key is!

Or here.

You'll be needing this one in the viewer.

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