This new App can check the accuracy of your gas or electricity bills. Also the Bill screen displays key comparison fields: kWh/day and pence/kWh(Gross).

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Versions and Layouts
This app should work on all Android releases from 2.2 upwards. Screens are now optimised for tablets, otherwise if the screen is getting too crowded; try the landscape layout.
En(£), en US ft³, CA/AU($) and EU(€) m³ layouts are catered for.
The default is €.

  • It will allow everyone to check their Gas or Electricity Bills - (but not both at the same time)!
  • All details can be saved and restored at will. 
  • Dual tariffs are allowed for with split dates.
  • Future requirements can be manipulated using the controls.
  • Bills can be extended to a full year; for a real cost evaluation.

If you want to compare 2 tariffs directly, you have two options:
  1. Complete billing for each separately and store them separately
  2. Use a dual tariff on the same bill [equalizing the days].

  • Control and manipulate your billing.
  • Gas meters can use kWh, cubic meters or [100] feet.
  • Calculated kWh figures can be rounded or not.
  • Tier1 Tier2 limits can be per bill, quarter or year.
  • Standing charges can be in £ or p per day/quarter/year/bill.
  • Up to 6 discounts are allowed for either tariff period Net or Gross; % off Bill/Tier1/Tier2/Tier2+, £ off Bill/quarter/year, pence off Tier1/Tier2/Tier2+.

  • Suppliers like to give you insanely complicated tariffs, this is your answer.
  • The bill is shown in simple form (no discounts) and in more complicated format, where discounts are shown and can be subtracted at will.
  • Internal help screens are available, although this website is the authority.

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