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Electricity Bill How do I know which is Tier1 and Tier2 Tier1 totals are in white and Tier2 are in green From the middle section the order of totals is:Tier1,Tier2,Std,OffPeak,Net,VAT,Gross See Meter for the slightly different order there 
Electricity Bill I can't understand the discount short codes The prefix is C or P, Current or Previous period. Followed by either N Net or G Gross The suffix is taken from the chosen Tariff. Have a look in the Tariff "spinner field"  
Electricity Bill I have entered 2 tariffs for my Split Date but the calculation is not correct Have you got the tariffs the correct way around. That is; the top tariff is for the most recent reading and the bottom tariff is for the previous reading This can easily go wrong when the tariff goes down!!? 
Electricity Bill My Tier1/Tier2 Limit appears to be slightly incorrect See the dates section concerning Split Dates and leap years If this is a leap year [divisible by 4], an extra day may be involved in Quarterly or Yearly Limits Get the Split Date correct and the error will correct itself 
Electricity  Bill What do the Comparison Indicators show me? kWh per day (average consumption) and Cost per kWh (average gross cost) The former indicates whether this is a heavy use, or light use bill The latter indicates whether the tariff is high or low cost for your particular usage. 
Electricity Comparison How do I compare my tariff with one on a comparison website Use the "Extend to Year" button on your latest saved bill. Use the increase button to correct for light or heavy consumption. Does the total KWh agree with that of the website figure. Change the increase until the totals agree. Save each version as you go along. Ask yourself which bill seems more accurate or cheap? 
Electricity Dates Do I want to "Use a Split Date" Only if you need to use dual tariffs OR there is a problem with Leap Year calculations Dual tariffs happen when the bill changes to a new tariff They can also be used to directly compare 2 tariffs. Each period must have the same number of days in them. 
Electricity Dates I am using a Split date; I enter a year but it does not register  The Split Date year is calculated according to the billing dates, for you  Do not worry about the year used, for normal billing purposes  f you want to retain the Split Date year, use the Retain toggle. See "Why Retain split dates"  
Electricity Dates This is a Leap Year, will this affect billing The extra day - 29th Feb - can affect bills IF you use the following:- Limits of kpQ[uarter],kpA[nnum] or Standing Charges of £pA,£pQ,ppA,ppQ To avoid errors you must set the Split Date, to the last day of your previous tariff. You do not need to enable the Split Date, just set it correctly! Use the Retain toggle if necessary The days in your billing year (incl. the 29th) go forward from the Split Date 
Electricity Dates What is a Split Date This is the date when the tariffs change; alternatively the day before your current Tariff started Technically it is the last day of the OLD tariff. The new tariff does not start until the next day. You may be given 2 separate bills instead 
Electricity Dates What is the "Previous" date exactly?   This is usually the previous date appearing on your bill.  It is either the actual last reading date OR the day after. If the former then it is NOT included on the bill. If the latter then it is included.  It is important that the elapsed days agree with your bill. Use the "Inclusive" toggle to correct the number of days billed.  
Electricity Dates When I change the month the date can change from say 31 to 30, or 1  This is a clever function of the Android date widget.  Not all months have 31 days. Therefore when you change the month the day number changes for you. Also February can have 28 or 29 days for a leap year.  
Electricity Dates Why Retain the split date To stop automatic split calculation  E.g. to have the split outside the billing period altogether - when Split date is in use! Most useful if there are no tariff changes  
Electricity Discounts If I minus one of my discounts what happens This discount/partial discount is completely removed Never to be seen again - unless you retype it all  
Electricity Discounts What is Tier2 and Tier2+  2+ includes the Off Peak units, as well as Tier2   
Electricity General What are the Retain toggles for  Retained fields cannot be changed in other screens    
Electricity General Why are there no dial widgets for the reading inputs  It is quicker and easier to use the standard keyboard input.  Ensure that the input is registered on the screen.   
Electricity General Why does the app start up with some numbers already there?  This just gives an idea of minimum requirements Hopefully the numbers give a correct idea of what is required in these fields.  Initial dates are set up from today's date and 3 months previously.  
Electricity Meta What is meter Roll Over about After reaching 99999 your meter will read 00012 say  This will show as an error for reverse readings UNLESS you input 5 SigDig  SigDig or Significant Digits are the numbers above the . and usually 5 [See the Logo]  
Electricity Meta What is the "Expand to Year" button for?  This scales the bill to a complete year, which can be instructive. Compare it to your own figures Bear in mind that the costs are not updated for you; particularly relevant to per Bill items. There is no shaping of the consumption involved [Summer/Winter differences]  
Electricity Meta When I save a bill I see 3 kWh readings These are Tier1/Tier2/ and Off Peak readings Some readings may well be 0 They can be removed by editing the label 
Electricity Meter How do I know which is Tier1 and Tier2 Tier1 totals are in white while Tier2 are in green From the top the order of totals is: Gross,VAT,Net,Tier1,Tier2,Std,OffPeak See Bill for the order on that screen 
Electricity Tariff I want to directly compare 2 different Tariffs 1. Create 2 separate bills, OR 2. Use Split Date with 2 tariffs as Current and Previous With 2. ensure that the number of days are identical for each period Try to avoid Leap Years, which can distort day calculations due to the extra day 
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